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mike lee
Love these! Mine are ruined at this point an need another pair please restock !

Love these! Mine are ruined at this point an need another pair please restock !

Ismael Gutierrez Pechemiel

Love them

.... Odell
These are clean...

The heal support caught my eye instantly, well done. they make any selvedge i.d pop, will be getting more for the collection,,, back to the box!

Super clean look and…

Super clean look and great fit. These in the navy have been my go to casual shoe. I will say the insole is not great. Cushioning is super minimal, but I use cushioned arch support insoles and the deep heavy duty vulc sole Makes a good platform. I’m planning on beating these up at work and when they get too ragged I’m gonna skate in them. I’m excited to eventually skate in them as I love the low profile and boardfeel with these but I’m not expecting much durability from the one piece canvas toe but they’re vegan so that’s the trade with no suede. But honestly skating these would be gravy. Super classic looks and it feels good to support an OG core brand with a social conscious.

Definitely recommend…

Definitely recommend getting these shoes. There are a couple of key factors that make these shoes some of the better Vegan, narrow, slim, simple shoes that Etnies has offered that I’ve tried.rnrn So one is that these shoes aren’t made with any animal based products (aside from, I assume, glues or adhesives that are animal derived due to the nature of our industrial processing economy that we live in).rnrnSecond is the price, and third is the comfort/durability. rnThe durability of this shoe is something that needs work on but when you compare these shoes to other suede or animal based skate shoes you will find they last about just as long without getting a hole on the side where you flick (granted you aren’t kickflipping a thousand times in them). rnrnThe major point is that you are going to need shoe goo just like every other skate shoe. Hopefully the need to rely on animal based glues in the future will diminish, but for now it’s a derivative of an industry that is having declining supply of these components that are needed for things like shoe goo. rnrnSupporting companies that are creating awesome vegan shoes, like the ones Etnies makes means that more money and efforts will go into better alternative technologies for skating footwear in the future. rnrnThank you Etnies! <3