etnies Announces RP Roberts Apparel Collection

Today, etnies is announcing an apparel collection with artist, RP Roberts. You might have seen RP’s powerful mountain paintings on Jones Snowboards. It just so happens that RP’s work with Jones and etnies Rider, Jeremy Jones connected him to the brand.  Check out the etnies x RP Roberts collection that captures the essence of the mountains and waves here
RP Roberts grew up in Wales during the 80s and 90s in a town with a small but thriving skate scene.  He’d always drawn and painted, but it was the graffiti scene at the local skatepark’s concrete bowl that got him into street art. The introduction to a brand new art form and sub culture made a real impact on him, and he got more and more into the world of graffiti. He continues to use techniques and influences from this period in the work he creates today. 
He was very active in the graffiti world for years alongside his day job, but always dabbled with the occasional graffiti inspired landscape. The day Jones Snowboards contacted him about board graphic art changed his life by allowing him to do art full-time. He’s had art on select Jones boards since 2017. 
At a young age, RP drew inspiration from the skate scene in his hometown. His history with etnies goes all the way back to his first pair of Sal 23s. He’s been snowboarding since 1996, and obviously draws his inspiration from those mountains. See more of RP Roberts work on Instagram: @rp_roberts or his site