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Customer Reviews

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Cohl Mason

Sick. They are nice and grippy. Make my flats feel like I’m clipped in sometimes

Scott Martin
Best shoes ever!

Comfortable and really durable definitely worth it

Gregor Podlesny
best shoes

nothing else to compare. great grip and durability. decent style and definitely made for riding!

Ryan Loften
Don’t buy from Etnies.com

I ordered size 13 shoes the size I always wear but unfortunately they were too small. It took me three emails and two voicemails and six days just to get a RMA label for the return. I would buy another pair as I’d like to try Ednas I just would not buy them through their website as their return system sucks. It’s not worth all the time when you could buy them from another site that makes returns easy. If they step up their return game like everyone else has I would consider buying from them again. Oh yeah you can’t even exchange them for a different size you have to actually process a return an order in whole new pair paying again? In this day and age if you do not have the functionality to do an exchange you are way behind the times.

Patrick Brown
Does What It's Supposed To

Shoe works great, grips the pedals nice, has that little extra bump protection on the toes... But the fit. It's a bit snug for my size compared to my other Etnies. They also don't breathe too great. If you get your feet wet early in a ride, they'll stay very wet. Not to mention if you're a foot sweater...