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Andy X
I was a lil worried …

I was a lil worried about sizing, esp. when I got them, but they broke-in, in like 10 mins. True to size. These shoes are bomb, I only got a lil moisture in my socks bc I was ankle deep in water and my laces were loose. So, pretty damn good! Let me explain how well insulated these are I got my gf a pair and to stretch them (I told her she had to break them in, but what do I know) she put a ziplock bag of water in them and put them in the freezer- the water wouldn't freeze. These shoes are sturdy, comfy and very well designed. They grip well on anything and my gf and I love em!

Perfect for winter!…

Perfect for winter!

Very comfortable.rnG…

Very comfortable.rnGreat style !

I remember when thes…

I remember when these shoes first dropped; i looked at the description and thoughtrn32 lit, i still rock my OG Shiloh and am on my 3rd pair of Lashed FTs.rnEtnies dope, pushed in these exclusively when i went through my skate-punk phase in high school.rnScott Sctevens shreds. hands down all-time great. I have Defenders of Awesome (1 and 2) on DVD.rnwater proof? insulated? specifically designed for grip on snow and ice? these may be the perfect shoes.rnGotta find out for myself, I thought. rnI live in the snow-covered puddle of Moscow, Idaho. In this city the sun nary shines from October to May, and when it doesn't hail, it rains snow. Only once, after walking in pouring rain on Moscow Mountain for 3 hours when i didn't bring my smokejumper boots to a field lab, did my feet get wet in these shoes. Seriously, lacing on these kicks is equivalent to strapping a 2005 Subaru Outback with snow tires onto each of your feet. 8am walks to class in 2 feet of snow have never seemed so doable. Whether it be to the rowdy parking lot of Lookout Pass, the icy village of Schweitzer, or the powdrous base of Brundage, these shoes will be on my feet at 5am and get me to my shred day, while also making me look absurdly fly. The black ices of the WinCo parking lot are no match for these thickly-treaded monsters. These should literally be the official shoes of the Idaho Panhandle. My feet do not get cold in these shoes, ever. The only comparably good pair of shoes I own for the conditions is my LL Bean Duck Boots, which I wore every day last winter, and subsequently began to smell like my high school gym locker. I now do a rotation of the two, with these being the dominant pair at maybe a 80/20 ratio as they are far more comfortable and do not smell like a sauerkraut factory. If I could give these 6 stars I would do that.

These boots are beyo…

These boots are beyond perfect. When I first put them on, it felt like I had already broken them in for season. I love that they’re waterproof too! And the sueded oily finish allows me to dress them up or dress them down; whether at work or out in the woods. Keep up the good work at Etnies