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Stefen Taimanglo
Wrong order

Never received my shoes and shirt. Sent me the wrong pair of shoes. Emailed them 4 times and no response.

Very stylish shoes and comfortable for skating!

I hope you guys continues to make the Verano, but I've bought both pair and I love it, too bad the white/gray one was sold out. The red one was clean and the black one was slick. I would purchase another pair for going out. Put it simply if you guys make more Verano in the future and keep the same color, you can guarantee I will be the first one to get it.

Love the shoe all it...

Love the shoe all it needs is that sole upgrade like veer or marana

Wilson Rios
Deberian realizar e…

Deberian realizar envios a Colombia y a otros paises, yo vivo en Colombia y tuve que acudir a un amigo que vive en Estados Unidos, para que me recibiera los tenis y luego me los enviara a colombia. Aqui en Colombia no habia oferta de su marca, por esto deberian considerar esta opcion

So far the best skat…

So far the best skate shoe I have ever used. It is very comfortable all around and the grip on the outsole is amazing. After one to two weeks the board feel is very good. I also landed my first ever varial kick-flip with these on so extra bonus points to these shoes. My biggest gripe with this shoe is that the durability for the sole will last you only about three weeks if you skate a lot. For me it took about four weeks. I just wore out mine as of writing this review and feel a little disappointed with how quickly it wore down. You will notice how fast the sole wears down in a matter of days. I got my pair for $30 with coupons so I'm not upset that they wore down so quickly, because they were not overpriced. However, do not buy this shoe for full price, but instead purchase any Michelin shoe since they have a more durable sole. The outsole on the otherhand never wore down for me so you will have very nice grip on your board even if your favorite kick-flip area wears down completely. However, if you want a nice affordable pair of skate shoes that look really cool and to get by on a budget the verano has great performance for how fast the soles will wear down.