Chase DeHart


Alright, my name is Chase DeHart. I was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and grew up just over the bridge in Thorofare, New Jersey. I started out bike riding pretty late; i grew up skateboarding since as long as I can remember. I was never interested in bmx for the longest time although it was pretty popular in my town. I remember while skating looking up to etnies - they were the shoes everyone had or wanted. It was almost a label that if you had etnies, you skateboarded, just the kind of thing that attached itself like that. I can remember the x over the eyes face, ha ha. Then at the time I got into BMX, it was a lot of the same; etnies were really the only shoe company pushing BMX. They were giving riders signature shoes, pushing limits with their videos, etc., so again I was really looking up to etnies. All my favorite riders were on the team (Garrett Byrnes), all the riders wore the Vallely's and Joe Rich shoes, (that was how you knew who rode BMX in my town ha ha) so to get to my point, when I look back, that was my era. And now, years later, to be riding for the BMX team is a feeling I couldn't describe. I can't believe I have this opportunity. My 15-year-old self is losing his mind right now! This isn't so much a bio but more of a thank you! Thank you to etnies for all the consistent hard work, and giving/supporting something that kids and adults can be passionate about. I can't wait for the years to come with etnies! Thanks again.

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