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Vintage is where it’s at. Revamping one of etnies’ classics, the Lo-Cut II LS shoe is inspired by etnies’ heritage. It features the classic etnies “E” logo and STI Foam Level 1 cushioning footbed for increased comfort and cushioning. The Lo-cut II LS also incorporates the cut and buff midsole, a departure from the typical cupsole, and a triple-stitched toe. Try it out and see if it conjures up some good, old-school memories.

Product Details

Item Code: 4101000365/465
  • Padded tongue and collar
  • Triple-stitched toe
  • Exposed cut and buff midsole
  • STI Foam Lite Level 1 footbed
  • 400 NBS rubber outsole
  • Suede/Synthetic
  • The Navy/Red/White colorway boasts a classic etnies look.

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Lo-Cut II LS reviews (60)

Overall rating
Average rating: 4.65 stars

Average rating: 4.65 stars
ref 6/13/17 Poland

Awesome, comfortable and great looking, one of the best buys I have ever had when it comes to shoes.

Average rating: 4.65 stars
Black 5/22/17 Preston

Comfy classics, can't beat them!

Average rating: 4.65 stars
Vindles 5/2/17 Hastings, East Sussex, England

The sneakers were a present for my brother. He loves Etnies! Thanks!

Average rating: 4.65 stars
Back wheel Neil 4/27/17 Cheddar Somerset

Been buying Etnies lo cut 2s for the last 10 years. no other trainers come close for styling , comfort and durability. Keep making them please !

Average rating: 4.65 stars
Kasper 12/23/16 Belgium

18 pairs of lot of colours Need new series please

Average rating: 4.65 stars
Jesy 11/4/16 USA

Love these shoes and get tons of compliments. I would buy these in every color combo you come out with (I have 3 already).

Average rating: 4.65 stars
SoapSally352 10/26/16 Gainesville FL

Love them. Comfortable, stylish and old school just the way I like it.

Average rating: 4.65 stars
Matt 10/5/16 Cleveland, OH

Easily the easiest pair of etnies I have had to break in. These were broken in, in less than a week. The only downside I have with them is that they don't have vents to help get air to the the foot. As a person that gets athletes foot pretty easily, air vents would be really nice. But still by far the most comfortable shoe I've purchased in a while!

Average rating: 4.65 stars
Churres 10/4/16 Spain


Average rating: 4.65 stars
William Carrier 11/6/15

I need two pair in size 12!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Average rating: 4.65 stars
Garrett 11/4/15

Perfect fit and comfort. I had a pair of the Lo-Cut 3 back in high school and loved them. I'm they still make this classic style. I love these so much that I bought a second pair just in case they ran out of my size (which they did) when I got around to needing another pair.

Average rating: 4.65 stars
Shamus Ryan 8/12/15

Sturdy, fresh look, comfortable as slippers. Lo-Cut are my favorite shoes ever, this is like my 30th pair.

Average rating: 4.65 stars
Geraldine Bair 7/12/15

Why would you want anything else.

Average rating: 4.65 stars
Beau Lucas 5/6/15

This is my second pair. Ya know how you buy something and wish you bought another? Well I did thank ya

Average rating: 4.65 stars

Great pair of shoes, so far so good and I am happy about them, they are comfortable, lightweight, would be greatly appreciated if some could be made of canvas and truly some older color varieties disappeared from the market (black/orange ones). Anyway, I am happy about them, simply i would not buy it otherwise, thanks.

Average rating: 4.65 stars
fabio napolitano 4/28/15


Average rating: 4.65 stars
Beyers Paul 3/23/15

Great product, easy to order and a very swift delivery!! Never stop making lo-cuts please!!

Average rating: 4.65 stars
paraskevas 1/9/15

thank you guys!The shoes are awesome,hope to find them in other colors also!!!

Average rating: 4.65 stars
Estevan Ceppi 7/27/14


Average rating: 4.65 stars
Debra Simas 6/4/14

very happy and comfortable, just right for Grandson

Average rating: 4.65 stars

Es el la zapatilla mas bonita de Etnies

Average rating: 4.65 stars
Iris De Keyser 3/20/14

Had these already for a couple of years (with strips instead of laces), but they were worn out (had them for over 10 years, so). Was extremely glad to find a pair like them again. They are my favorite sneakers !!!

Average rating: 4.65 stars
Mariusz Slezak 3/6/14

They look great and they are well made. All stiches, the colours, quality of materials - I really like them and I am not a teenager. ;)

Average rating: 4.65 stars
Peter Haynes 12/13/13

Love um! I've had a pair of these before. They were great the first time and still just as good now.

Average rating: 4.65 stars
j**** 12/4/13

Overall, it's a really nice shoe. Plenty of support and very durable. I've been skating them for about three weeks now and the sole hasn't begun to show any wear or tear. The stitching is getting torn a little bit, but not to extremes-- that really surprised me. They do run about a half size bigger than other etnies shoes, like the rct, so I'd go a half size smaller than what you'd normally get. I also like how they brought back a 90s-like style. Super sick shoe.

Average rating: 4.65 stars
Cambier Maxime 8/14/13

Really great shoes, comfortable, and very very nice style. Just half a size too small but it's okay, it dosen't hurt. I did the good choice! And delivery is very fast too! BIG UP!

Average rating: 4.65 stars
Giorgio Rossini 5/23/13

Fantastic shoes!!!

Average rating: 4.65 stars
Jerome Bailly 5/22/13

Sorry to say that the pair that i have received from you looks terribly cheap ;I honestly do not think that they will last too long ?!?!?! The Lo-Cut that i bought in 2003 and i still have them were then a much better quality ;

Average rating: 4.65 stars
gary newton 5/13/13

Over the last decade I've had countless pairs of lo cut 2 due to the fit,style and value.However when these arrived they didn't fit as well as previous pairs because the toe is a different and the tongue much thinner,if it ain't broke!Not sure I'd buy another pair.

Average rating: 4.65 stars

Is perfect.

Average rating: 4.65 stars
Hector Carrillo 5/4/13

Waaaaaa una de las mejores zapatillas de todos los tiempos............Muy cool congratulationes Etnies lo mejor...........Waa Waaaaaaaaaaa

Average rating: 4.65 stars
Sam Schofield 4/27/13

Light and comfortable, well made and cool as the other side of the pillow!

Average rating: 4.65 stars
Edu Callejo 4/18/13

I've always loved this shoe model. Please, do it in some other colors!

Average rating: 4.65 stars
Stuart Mills 4/17/13

Brilliant trainers - had a pair a few years and am chuffed you bought this style back as 'classic'. Wil probably buy another pair at some point. Both stylish and comfy.

Average rating: 4.65 stars
b**** 4/17/13

big sneakerhead, love Etnies, these are comfy and stylish, only had them a few weeks and have had more than a few compliments

Average rating: 4.65 stars
Travis 4/3/13

have not wore mine yet cause the weather has not been nice but they feel amazing when i tried them on. still wearing my other pair.

Average rating: 4.65 stars
Jonathan M Utley 3/21/13

Awesome shoe! I now want it in every color!

Average rating: 4.65 stars
Ian Schmoyer 3/20/13

best shoe Etnies has ever made. Which you make more like the old ones and the original Lo-cut

Average rating: 4.65 stars
Anthony Galindo 2/9/13

I bought these on sale for $40 and free shipping. I love the shoes!

Average rating: 4.65 stars
Lucas Barbat 2/6/13

I love that ones

Average rating: 4.65 stars
Sandra Gillespie 2/6/13

great looking shoe, comfortable from the first wear,

Average rating: 4.65 stars
christina c laster 1/26/13

truly a low cut shoe.....wonderful for driving .light weight very nice

Average rating: 4.65 stars
Gen¡s Camps Fabra 1/3/13

Fantastic shoes. Very comfortable, they fit like a second skin without testing before. Simple shoes but very attractive appearance. I love Etnies gear :)

Average rating: 4.65 stars
j**** 12/27/12

This shoes are spectacular, they fit very well and have an excellent appearance. I'm not american, I bought the gray style and after I use them for a month I decided to buy the red style before I leave the US to take them to my country. The price is very low for the excellent quality... This shoes rocks!

Average rating: 4.65 stars
Jurijs Konradi 12/6/12

Value, I mean 50% discount I got. I already got lo-Cut II SMU year ago and when buying did not pay attention to those last letters, I thought they are the same, but LS is much softer, but it's OK. I recommend you to put more information on differences between models, like LS = soft, SMU = hard.

Average rating: 4.65 stars
Thijs Volmer 11/28/12

Etnies like Etnies should be!

Average rating: 4.65 stars
Simone Bruschi 11/14/12

very good product

Average rating: 4.65 stars
Vladimir Georgiev 10/4/12

Don't even dare discontinuing this model. I love it! Just bought this white pair and is likely that they are my 3rd or 4th Lo-Cut I got in the course of 8 years. Although customer loyalty is a widely debated among marketers, it looks like among ex-skaters, it's not. :) I guess is just me still looking at my Nokia and Lo-Cut and not sipping Red-Bull. Create a great product which changes in colour and size, get it bound with the Etnies brand values and boys and girls will create their own charisma around it. Cheerio!!

Average rating: 4.65 stars
Maurizio 8/31/12

The classic Etnies, the best Etnies. When you try them, you never come back.

Average rating: 4.65 stars
Dimitry Bollen 8/19/12

Great pair of shoes, as the other Etnies I bought!

Average rating: 4.65 stars
Jason Casselman 8/1/12

I have been wearing Etnies Lo-Cut for about ten years now. It's the best shoe I've ever worn. Everything from the style to the comfort. I wear them no matter what activity I'm up to. I just wish the older colors were still available or better yet, custom colors. I'll continue to buy them nonetheless until they stop making them (which I hope they never do). I also wish Etnies brought back the suede!!! Those last forever and don't get as "creased" as these do.

Average rating: 4.65 stars
Jason Casselman 8/1/12

I have been wearing Etnies Lo-Cut for about ten years now. It's the best shoe I've ever worn. I just wish the older colors were still available or better yet, custom colors. I'll continue to buy them nonetheless until they stop making them (which I hope they never do).

Average rating: 4.65 stars
e**** 7/31/12

pues hace como un mes que las tengo y se me estan descosiendo una costura y la tela donde hace el pliege para doblar el pie se me esta rajando la tela.. no es que este muy contento con el producto.

Average rating: 4.65 stars
j**** 7/26/12

The sole on these shoes is so stiff that the shoe stays glued to the ground when I take a step. It's for this reason that I'm going to return this pair of shoes, otherwise they're nice and they seem comfortable. The build quality is not great but I'm not going to complain about it as I got these shoes for 39.95 ? plus S&H--don't pay over 65 ? for this build quality! I *guess* that these shoes fit me just right (I usually take a 47 EU / 13 US in Etnies shoes), but there's a possibility that they're about 1/4 inches too big (US sizes). I cannot be fully sure because of the aforementioned stiff sole issue.

Average rating: 4.65 stars
Rodolphe VINCENT 7/2/12

The sole is too hard

Average rating: 4.65 stars
s**** 6/20/12

High quality product, extremely confortable. Great value for the money

Average rating: 4.65 stars
Jose Angel Torres 6/10/12

old school look.

Average rating: 4.65 stars
Oscar 6/4/12

Nice style and pretty comfortable. I've been wearing Lo-Cut's for, at least, 5 years in a row. Thanks!

Average rating: 4.65 stars
m**** 5/13/12

Loved it!

Average rating: 4.65 stars
Cris 4/27/12

Just like the "old" lo-cuts, need i say more.