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Nick Garcia Nick Garcia

Latest on Instagram

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  • Feb 14, 2016

  • Feb 14, 2016

    happy Valentine's Day @_beckygarcia I can't wait to wake up next to your beautiful face again
  • Feb 05, 2016

    speerchill vabbs w @madarsapse
  • Feb 04, 2016

    he is literally that guy, except this isn't a movie and we should totally listen to him #feelthebern #livetobern #berntolive #bernbabybern #bernkenobi #berndawg
  • Feb 02, 2016

    @elementbrand Panama trip is a wrap! @b_gaberman @madarsapse @colemathews @greyson_fletcher @filmerguy @_julian_davidson I love making memories like this with my friends....Thank you for all your hospitality @paponation @republica and thank you Panama for being such a beautiful country, I'll miss you
  • Jan 29, 2016

  • Jan 25, 2016

    TiMM¥ $K¥₩ALK€R ( @starheadbody ) can't be stopped
  • Jan 24, 2016

    $ K ¥ T € A M @fletcher_renegar @masonsilva
  • Jan 21, 2016

    happy birthday to my best bud @_julian_davidson love you dude
  • Jan 18, 2016

    1095 days married to this lady. i love you @_beckygarcia now more than ever....happy anniversary
  • Jan 15, 2016

    bitch ass lil four steer my howmees finn ride on you atcher own burrbQ @domowaka @fletcher_renegar @ragingpervert
  • Jan 14, 2016

    thanks for pretending to like video games @_beckygarcia
  • Jan 13, 2016

    ain no Mesa bih @fletcher_renegar @domowaka @frankyvillani @ragingpervert
  • Jan 12, 2016

    #skyteam #skyteam #skyteam @starheadbody : platinum exec
  • Jan 11, 2016

    goodbye old friend, and thank you so so much
  • Jan 10, 2016

    @bandana_b suh @masonsilva suh @domowaka suh
  • Jan 09, 2016

  • Jan 07, 2016

    congratulations @starheadbody and thank you for this photo @ethanloy a weird way I feel like it embodies everything awesome about Evan.
  • Dec 30, 2015

    warming up for the #annualheelflipchallenge w/ my hero @7im7im
  • Dec 23, 2015

    super proud of this girl right here. @lilbabyburrito happy 21st lil sis, see you tonight
  • Oct 19, 2015

  • Sep 18, 2015

      Talent Scout Talent Scout
  • Aug 30, 2015

    Jeremy Klein / Hook-Ups Jeremy Klein / Hook-Ups
  • Aug 30, 2015

  • Aug 30, 2015

  • Aug 30, 2015

  • Aug 24, 2015

    Talent Scout  Talent Scout
  • Aug 03, 2015

    Talent Scout Talent Scout
  • Jul 20, 2015

  • Jul 20, 2015

While it’s technically accurate to say that Nick Garcia is sewper chall pretty much all the time, that doesn’t take into account the fact that Nick spends much of his time skating and destroying, or vice-versa. It’s tough to pin down his skateboarding in a single category; he’s always fully pitted, will blast a mean tucked out frontside air, only to follow it up by switch frontside nosegrinding the same lip he just demolished from above.

Nick ended up in the LBC by way of The South and Jeff Spicolli could be his cousin (in a good way) if Julian Davidson weren’t already. He skates fast where others wouldn’t find the speed and is a card-carrying member of that fresh breed of skaters who mix tranny with street into that new, radical potion of which we can’t get enough. The dudes abide.

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