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Sergio Layos Sergio Layos

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He is trying to tell me that I only need one stick.. Maybe he is right.. Have a doctor appointment on friday so we will see! #nota #notariovisionario
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Well, I always say that I’ve been riding for nine or so years, but having this much fun it seems the time goes by so quickly; when I really do the math, I’ve been riding for about 13 years now. Days go by and those days turn to months and that becomes years and nothing changes; you always want to ride your bike and you get hopeless and unhappy if it rains more than few days at a time. You still get the same feeling when you are going to check that new spot that someone told you about. BMX is just addictive and I can’t go without it.

I was a really nervous kid and kept to myself, always climbing trees, riding bikes, skating and roller skating on my own (I know, I’m not proud of that) but I think that if you have a lot of something but you use it too much, at the end you run out of it. I became a mellow guy who, at the age of 11, found his life on a bike made out of scrap parts from a friend's garage. My brother had a nice bike and I wanted one just like my older brother, but I didn’t have any money to get one like his so the scrap bike was the beginning of the life I’m living now—riding bikes just like I was 11 all over again.

For my 12th birthday my mom got me my first real bike. At that time I thought it was the best bike you could get, but that didn’t last long because we found that half barspins on flat and wheelies weren't all you could do. We saw that you could drop in on a ramp and that there were videos of people doing amazing tricks. Then one day I met Ruben Alcantara and a few other riders. I think that Ruben was there the first day I dropped in. He was, and still is, one of my main influences riding. And from that day, with Ruben’s influence, I pushed harder and harder to get where I am now.
My mom helped me get to all the contests locally in the beginning, to see what it was like. Then I entered a contest that my mom organized at my local skatepark. This was something that motivated me a lot and, even though I’m not a contest rider at heart, I think this was the one reason I love small contests so much more than large contests... they’re always fun!

In 1998 the Worlds were in my hometown of Madrid. Right after that I got sponsored by Fly Bikes. Two years later I was traveling around Europe to a bunch of contests and going on all the trips I could… sleeping on floors or wherever I could, just having fun riding. That was one of the best things ever and then I thought to myself that I would like to be doing this for a long time; traveling is one of the things I like the most.

I’m not too good at remembering dates, but sometime a few years ago I started traveling to the States, and around the rest of world, doing demos wherever one of my sponsors would send me. I always came home to Madrid because of my family, friends, the riding scene and my local park—until one day when I returned home and found they had torn my local park out. And with it they took a piece of me. Home just wasn’t the same anymore. Originally, I traveled because I liked it, but now it became something I did out of necessity. From that point on, I tried to be gone as much as I could to Austin, a place where I can do almost all those things I love to do. So from now until I can’t do it anymore, I will travel back and forth to Austin and destinations in between, from my home in Madrid, making the most of every day and making all my dreams come true to put a smile on my face.

sergio layos etnies bmx

sergio layos etnies bmx