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A Week with Sergio Layos

Posted By dustin in BMX | Feb 9 2012 / Thursday Skip To The Comments (6)

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6 Comments A Week with Sergio Layos

  1. sergio, you kill it bruh! you euro riders have ur own swag! SEND IT!

    Posted: 4 years ago,
  2. Cara esse vídeo está muito irado!!! Essa edição junto com essa trilha dá muito flow para andar!!!
    Hugs from Brazil !!!

    Pedro Santos
    Posted: 4 years ago,
  3. No matter how much this man gets paid it is not enough. Best all around rider out there.

    Posted: 4 years ago,
  4. Smooth riding Sergio! please come to Unit Farmjam 2012 in New Zealand this year! lol

    Kenny Carlos
    Posted: 4 years ago,
  5. hey etinies

    i love your brand and i was wondering if i could get some free stickers to deck out my helmet
    my mailing address is
    v9m3v3 870 sandpines drive
    comox, BC Canada

    thanks ben tibbles

    Posted: 4 years ago,
  6. A nicer magazine theme would make ur blog look nicer :)

    Posted: 4 years ago,

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