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3 Minutes Marie-France Roy

Posted By dustin in Snow | Jan 13 2011 / Thursday Skip To The Comments (1)

Top three cities to visit:
  1. Not a big city fan but I liked Barcelona and I want to visit Italy and Egypt.
Top three places to eat in Vancouver:
  1. Elbow Room
  2. I don’t even know Vancouver that much!
  3. I’m a country girl.
Top three favorite resorts to ride:
  1. Whistler
  2. Northstar
  3. Keystone
Top three websites:
  1. Hotmail
  2. YouTube
  3. David Suzuki Foundation
Three favorite tricks:
  1. Gap to bullshit
Top three video parts:
  1. Any Andrew Hardingham part
  2. Jess Kimura - Right Brain, Left Brain
  3. The whole Simple Pleasures movie ‘cause it was my first vid
Top three songs:
  1. Beirut, A Sunday Smile
  2. Die Antwoord, Ninja
  3. Deceptacon, Le Tigre
Top three snowboard movies:
  1. Any Robot Food
  2. Simple Pleasures
  3. Throw Your Panties
Top three favorite trips you’ve been on:
  1. China
  2. Spain
  3. Iceland
Top three things to do when you’re not riding:
  1. Surfing
  2. Chilling at home with friends, skating, cooking, fishing, hiking, whatever.
  3. Gardening
Top three places to visit on Vancouver Island:
  1. Check out Victoria
  2. Stop by in Coombs at Goats on the Roof
  3. If you go to Tofino, make sure to stop at Tacofino for the best tacos of your life!
Top three etnies:
  1. Perry Mid
  2. The one with a zipper on the side and raised ankle
  3. Bernie
Three things you can’t live without:
  1. Ocean
  2. Cookies!!
  3. Alex bottle
Three words you love to use:
  1. Baguette
  2. Pamplemousse
  3. Zef
Three favorite holidays:
  1. Christmas
  2. Halloween
  3. New Year’s
Top three inspirations:
  1. Nature
  2. Funny people
  3. Respect
Top three bands:
  1. Beirut
  2. Pasty Cline
  3. Die Antwoord
Top three movies:
  1. Supertroopers
  2. The Never Ending Story
  3. Dumb and Dumber
Three favorite non-snowboarding pastimes:
  1. Taking care of my chickens
  2. Building shit. I’m not good at it but I try!
  3. Making songs
Top three ThirtyTwo boots:
  1. Lashed
  2. Lashed
  3. Lashed
Top three things you could be doing instead of this:
  1. Surfing
  2. Pickin’ up my new kitten
  3. Finishing renovating my lil house
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