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3 Minutes with Kit Scarbo

Posted By dustin | Sep 14 2010 / Tuesday Skip To The Comments (4)

Fashion Week is upon us! Reporting from the NYC frontlines is designer, celebrity stylist and etnies collaborator Kit Scarbo. Follow along as she sends Kit’s Bits updates on the shows, parties, people and inspiration! We’re kicking things off with a quick look back at Kit’s Fall 10 Collection Party in the etnies Showroom, plus a few minutes of our favorite fashionista’s top threes.

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Top three cities to visit:
  1. Berlin
  2. Kyoto
  3. New York City
Top three places to eat in Los Angeles:
  1. Elf
  2. Osteria La Buca
  3. Bottega Louie
Top three reasons to not leave Los Angeles:
  1. Sunshine
  2. Mexican food
  3. And a dodgers tattoo so guess I gotta stick around for a while
Top three websites:
Top three reasons to visit New York:
  1. Central Park
  2. Darla my NYC BFF
  3. Kates Joint
Top three Designers:
  1. Viktor and Rolf
  2. Vivienne Westwood
  3. Wunderkind
Top three songs:
  1. Miss You - Rolling Stones
  2. Gimme Danger - The Stooges
  3. Sweet Jane - Velvet Underground
Top three artists:
  1. Thomas Woodruff
  2. Gary Hume
  3. Michel Gondry
Top three veggie meals:
  1. Veg “turkey” ruben at Flore in Sunset Junction
  2. Pizza!
  3. Falafel/hummus/Greek etc.
Top three local LA designers:
  1. Michel Berandi
  2. Nony Tochterman
  3. Raquel Allegra
Top three styling moments:
  1. Dressing Cloris Leachman in vinyl jumpsuit
  2. Shooting on the Midway Aircraft Carrier in SD
  3. Getting a bug bite during an “opposite of on” campaign
Top three etnies shoes:
  1. Ollie King
  2. RSS high
  3. Kit x etnies F10 Townsend… yeah!
3 Minutes with Kit Scarbo
Top three items you can’t live without:
  1. Black jeans
  2. Hanes white tanktops
  3. Red lipstick
Top three words that you love to use:
  1. Amazing: amaze or amaze-balls for short
  2. Gene (short for genious)
  3. Indeed
Top three fave holidays to celebrate:
  1. Halloween
  2. Fourth of July
  3. Friends’ birthdays
Top three favorite inspirations:
  1. The Tate Modern Museum
  2. Japanese fashion mags
  3. Prop houses
Top three bands:
  1. Led Zeppelin
  2. Black Heart Procession
  3. The XX
Top three movies:
  1. The Royal Tenenbaums
  2. Lagerfeld Confidential
  3. Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Three favorite non-fashion or design related pastimes:
  1. Downtown rooftop sunsets
  2. Sunday brunching
  3. Running/hiking
Three things you are afraid of:
  1. Car accidents
  2. Movie theater seats
  3. Running into ex-boyfriends or future boyfriends if wearing a bad outfit
Top three books:
  1. The Hotel New Hampshire
  2. Still Life With Woodpecker
  3. The Art of Looking Sideways
Top three things you could be doing instead of this
  1. Rollerskating backwards to disco music
  2. Asking other people these questions
  3. Sitting in traffic

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