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3 Minutes with Sancho

Posted By dustin in Surf | Sep 9 2010 / Thursday Skip To The Comments (12)

Sancho is back in Europe after scoring some wicked swells in Indo this dry season. Primed and ready for the thick, clean Biscay swells of autumn and his favorite spots (Graviere, La Piste and all sorts of all other sandbars we shouldn't reveal). Usually known for hunting barrels, the ever-keen Sancho was out last night at the two-foot rippy Seignosse beach breaks mixing it up with the local groms on his favourite groveller. Nevertheless, “Bring on autumn,” was his parting wisdom.

Sancho rides for etnies, Billabong, Monster Energy, Nixon, Electric, Eastpak, Gorilla Grip and JS Surfboards.

3 Minutes with Sancho

Top three boards I’ve had:
  1. 5’7” Rob Vaughan twin
  2. 6’1” JS
  3. 7’0” Tokoro
Top three spots in France:
  1. La Nord (Hossegor)
  2. La Graviere (Hossegor)
  3. Les Estagnots (Seignosse)
Top three things about France:
  1. Long days in summer
  2. Beach breaks
  3. Chamonix
Top three surfers of all time:
  1. Kelly Slater
  2. Michel Petersen
  3. Tom Curren
Top three barrels this year:
  1. Safi, Maroc in Feb
  2. Teahupoo, Tahiti in March
  3. Green Bush, Mentawai in June
Top three wines:
  1. Sauterne
  2. Haut Marbuzet
  3. Saint Emilion
Top three things about not doing the tour:
  1. Score good waves.
  2. Surf without 200 friends everywhere you go.
  3. Focus on your own projects.
Top three people I’ve dropped in on:
  1. I don’t drop in.
Top three places to go out:
  1. Black Dog, Bali
  2. Nasty Mondays, Barcelona
  3. Canary Islands

3 Minutes with Sancho

Top three pre surf tunes:
  1. Kings of Leon, Slow Night, So Long
  2. Queens of the Stone Age, Mexicolo
  3. Sonic Youth, Stones
Top three dishes I make:
  1. Carpaccio of red tuna
  2. Magret de canard a la plancha
  3. Pasta al pesto
Top three surf mags:
  1. Stab
  2. ASL
  3. Surf Europe
Top three surf vids:
  1. Stoney Baloney
  2. Blue Horizon
  3. Kelly Slater in Black and White
Top three things about not having a driving license:
  1. Don’t have to choose between drinking and driving.
  2. Fresh to go surf when you arrive at Mundaka.
  3. It’s no fun to surf alone.
Top 3 favourite cheeses:
  1. Fromage de brebis
  2. Fomage de chevre
  3. Camenbert

3 Minutes with Sancho

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12 Comments 3 Minutes with Sancho

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