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etnies Presents: Crapshoot

Posted By dustin in Skate | Aug 27 2010 / Friday Skip To The Comments (12)

(Warning: Video is high quality, may take long to load on a dial-up connection)
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Skater Action

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Back in the Day

etnies Skate and Create - Crapshoot Spike Jonze did a documentary called Amarillo By Morning where he followed around a group of aspiring bullriders from Texas. Watching these twanged-out rednecks ride an oil drum strung up between trees with a saddle on it, it became evident from the outset that these gallon-hat-wearing hicks, for as different as they were, bore an uncanny resemblance to skateboarders—made fun of in school, shunned as being idiots for pursuing something as far-fetched as bullriding, etc. “Perfect!” I thought, “I’ll take Urban Rodeo to etnies.” In this odd way, I could highlight the similarities, while we all got drunk and partook in some stupid scheme, between these bullriders and skateboarders. Man, was I wrong. Malto tried it, but everyone else looked at me like I was an idiot. I felt like one. But, I understood. I mean, let’s say one of those Texan honkies became a pro bullrider and I asked him to frontside air on a quarterpipe. They ain’t doin’ that shit. Like them, no pro skater wants to explain to his sponsor that he broke his arm riding a fake bull. So, while it may be clear we share the same kind of passion, it’s important to remember it doesn’t mean we share the same skill. –Josh Brooks

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Graffitti One-O-One

We went into this not knowing much about graffiti. After a few weeks, well... we still don’t know much. Here’s what we did learn.

  1. Paint gets you high. Not a good high- a really bad high.
  2. Move quickly or you will get drips all over your masterpiece.
  3. As is the case with most strippers- the further away you stand, the better it looks.
  4. Have clever things to say.
  5. “Does that look like crap, or is it awesome?” will go through your mind a lot.
  6. Bring a legit graffiti artist with you like Edwin Herrera. Thanks for showing us how to make it look easy, when it’s actually very difficult.
  7. You get treated with very litle respect by the hotel staff at 3am when you come in looking like a mid 90’s graffiti artist.
  8. Get yourself a good graffiti removal service. Thanks Mario.
etnies Skate and Create - Crapshoot etnies Skate and Create - Crapshoot etnies Skate and Create - Crapshoot

Spray Paint Review

When I was fourteen I worked at an ice cream shop where I worked under my manager, Nick, who was two years my elder. A fourteen year old and a sixteen year old running an ice cream shop. Sounds like a perfect combo. Luckily for me, however, Nick’s main priority wasn’t the store but rather his side business of selling glow sticks and ecstasy at raves. He just used the ice cream shop as a place to clock in, pass out and make me do all the work. It was cool, though, because since he was asleep the whole time I could just sit there getting fat eating ice cream all day and give free mini-donuts to my friends while skimming extra money outta the register. I just wish I had this professional grade of spray paint back when he finally got me fired and I spray-painted “Fuk U Nik” on the drive-through wall. It only took ‘em one pressure wash and it was gone. -Samuel Vincent

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Knockoffs of Knockoffs

  • etnies Skate and Create - Crapshoot
  • etnies Skate and Create - Crapshoot
  • etnies Skate and Create - Crapshoot
  • etnies Skate and Create - Crapshoot
  • etnies Skate and Create - Crapshoot
  • etnies Skate and Create - Crapshoot
  • etnies Skate and Create - Crapshoot

First off copyright infringement is frowned upon nowadays, so it would make it extra difficult to do what I needed to do. You see I happen to know Marc McKee and assumed he’d done all the sickest graphics to date. For a second there I thought I had this shit in the bag! Little did I know one or more artists, whose names will remain unmentioned also happened to be just as sick at their craft. We were getting down to the wire and moves had to be made. No time to wait for approvals. So in the spirit of good ol’ fashioned black market bootleggin’ we just scanned them shits in from some skate art book, cleaned ‘em up, and sent that shit off to China. Like Pronto! These are just props anyways, right? Well today things aren’t quite the same and I expect to receive some cease and desist from the artists in question. Guess what... We never sold a single one but if you’re looking to tighten up your deck collection, go ahead and holler at me and I’ll see if I can get you one of these rare LTD. edition joints. Ya Heard! -Paul Sharpe

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Man It Would Be Fun To Skate With...

fugg it, let's call them! We’re all about re-living old memories and making new ones, so we looked up these guys to have them come skate the park with us and hang out.

etnies Skate and Create - Crapshoot

etnies Skate and Create - Crapshootetnies Skate and Create - Crapshoot

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Kosick & Kareem Recreate One of Their Classic Photos & Talk Puking Memories

etnies Skate and Create - Crapshoot

When was the last time you guys saw one another? Kosick: Um, probably toward the end of Big Brother, which was about five and a half years ago.
Kareem: Not that long ago.

What were some good memories from that time—Big Brother time or just the late 90s in general? Kareem: Man, he shot one of my first shots, my first cover, for Poweredge.
Kosick: Actually, the first time I ever photographed Kareem was the first time he ever got in a magazine. It just went from there. I didn’t even know that happened, until he told me. He was just like, “Man, you know, you’re the first person to get me in a magazine,” and I was like, “Wow, really? That’s amazing. How cool is that?”

What are you guys doing now as far as skating or whatever else? Kosick: Go ahead, Kareem.
Kareem: I’m still skating, doing City Stars. I’ve got some other stuff worked out—some business and a TV show thing. I just moved back to LA. Getting back into the mix.
Kosick: Right now I’m working on the third installment of Jackass 3D and producing a couple other specials along with it and developing other TV show ideas. I’m doing some photography on the side, documenting the underground metal scene in LA. Skateboarding hasn’t been as much a part of my day to day.

etnies Skate and Create - Crapshoot

You haven’t been shooting skating very much then? Kosick: No. Today was fun, because I haven’t done this in like five years. I’m trying to get all of my photos throughout the years up on a site. So, to get something new is great.

Are the rumors about Big Brother starting again true? Kosick: That’s not gonna happen. We had a website, Jackass, up for a while, but that didn’t work out. They [Larry Flynt] had purchased Big Brother, so we weren’t trying to remake the mag. We were only trying to showcase original material from the mag. We did it, we’ve done it and we moved on. We do TV and film now. Magazines are not what we’re doing now. It was a great time, a dream job to be honest, but I got burnt out on it. One of my greatest memories for cover shots was the chimpanzee, you know?

That was the best one you could remember? Kosick: Well, when you have a skateboarding chimpanzee that can drop in on a mini ramp and do kick turns, you get to the point where you’re like, “I think I’ve done everything I could do” [laughs].

Do you guys have any crazy stories that you remember most of all from the 90s? Kosick: For Big Brother? There’re too many man. I’d have to sit down and think about it.

How about you ‘Reem? Kareem: I guess the year that we all went on tour. It was 101, Big Brother...
Kosick: In England? Oh, sorry about that picture of you puking out the window by the way [laughs].
Kareem: He actually documented one of the worst moments of my life.
Kosick: That was a great moment. C’mon. I understand, though. You didn’t want that out there.
Kareem: That was probably one of the best times, too, though—being with everybody and just cruising for a month. There are some good memories from that era.

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Sequence Gallery

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Fashion Trendz

etnies Skate and Create - Crapshoot

“Where can a guy get a pair of size 40 jeans round here?”

In a time when you might be forgiven for thinking that some of the skaters you see cruising around these days are taking part in a “Painted Body” series judging by their “I’m going to have to go on a diet to get out of these jeans” apparel, those in the know recognize 40 inch and up is the way to go in the waist department. Clothes in the ‘hood get handed down from the older siblings, so if it looks like your older brother is casually filling out a pair of 40 inchers and a triple x T, you’re going to be much safer on the mean streets than if it appears your only family back up is an anorexic teenage girl with a penchant for low rise jeans. -Oliver Barton

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  • “Who’s Remd?” - Sam McGuire upon seeing Mikey Taylor’s Kareem Campbell spraypaint “Remo” piece.
  • “I love REM!” - Josh Brooks after seeing the same tag.
  • “I was just doing sick kitty” - Mikey Taylor when Paul Sharpe asked him why he wasn’t skating.
  • “It’s like Frankenstein – you create something rad, give it life, and it comes back to kill you” - Steve Rocco regarding Big Brother
  • “I hope she didn’t see all the vaginas on the wall.” - Paul Sharpe about the surprise visit from the building manager.
  • “You can call them up on their 1-800 number and put them out of business” - Don Brown, regarding the state of a few current skateboard companies
  • “Starting new companies is out of style” - Jason Dill
  • “Maybe that’s played out? Just a thought..." - Sam McGuire
  • “Well, when you have a skateboarding chimpanzee that can drop in on a mini ramp and do kick turns, you get to the point where you’re like, “I think I’ve done everything I could do.” - Rick Kosick

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How to Ride Pole With Kyle Leeper

Kyle Leeper’s eye for spot creativity has allowed him to drop full length video parts and magazine interviews on largely un-skated spots in a town more blown out than Lisa Sparxxx’s private part. With that in mind, it was up to Encinitas’ finest to draw up the obstacles featured in this piece, a vacancy he filled through necessity more than choice since everyone else to was too busy drinking forties, spray painting, constructing combustible origami or playing Super Mario on the Nintendo. He saved the best for last and built this pole grinder for himself in a reproduction of his last Transworld Skateboarding cover, a spot he made for himself in his own back yard. Now that’s skate and create(ivity). - Oliver Barton

etnies Skate and Create - Crapshoot etnies Skate and Create - Crapshoot

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Crapshoot Life

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etnies Skate and Create - Crapshoot

Top Row: Oliver Barton, Shiloh Greathouse, Jose Rojo, Willow, Kyle Leeper, Devine Calloway, Sam McGuire, Benny Maglinao, Paul Sharpe. Bottom Row: Terry Snyder, Tyler Bledsoe, Mike Santarossa, Kareem Campbell, Jeremy Wray, Sean Malto, Jeff Taylor.

Skate and Create

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12 Comments etnies Presents: Crapshoot

  1. sick as fuck man.

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  2. this is good but I still like last years skate and create better.

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  3. I enjoyed the hell out of this ... both the video and this blog entry. Really reminds me of the early Big Brother days and the video would make anyone as old as me instantly think of the World park. Well done.

    Posted: 5 years ago,
  4. I want one of those 90s reissues! Paul Sharpe hit me up!

    Posted: 5 years ago,
  5. Type in AOL keyword "etnies" for additional goodies.

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  6. Sic site. Super creative in a classy way.

    Elijah Moore Jr
    Posted: 5 years ago,
  7. Fucking nostalgia'd hard.

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  8. This is the fucking best shit ever man, so genius...

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  9. yeeeeeeeees!

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  10. amazing you guys totally brought back old school

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