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Skate for a Cause sequences!

Jun 1 2010 / Tuesday

We moved 'em to their own post because it was slowing down the video load time! Sorry!

Sheckler: Back 5-0Sheckler: Back 5-0

Sheckler: Krooks to back lipSheckler: Krooks to back lip

Malto: NosegrindMalto: Nosegrind

Sean Malto: 5-0 to fakieSean Malto: 5-0 to fakie

Malto: Overkrooks to fakieMalto: Overkrooks to fakie

Lutzka: BSNBSLutzka: BSNBS

Malto: Nollie flip nose mannyMalto: Nollie flip nose manny

Sheckler: Back threeSheckler: Back three

Sheckler: Back three flipSheckler: Back three flip

Fingerboard tre flip!Fingerboard tre flip!

Tony Tave: Nollie inward heel (let's call it a make!)Tony Tave: Nollie inward heel (let's call it a make!)

Alex Midler: Back threeAlex Midler: Back three

Darrell Stanton: 360 cannonball!Darrell Stanton: 360 cannonball!

Sheckler: Nollie flipSheckler: Nollie flip

Sheckler: Switch flipSheckler: Switch flip

Sheckler: Back heelSheckler: Back heel

Sheckler: Cab flipSheckler: Cab flip

Sean Malto: 5-0Sean Malto: 5-0

Malto: BacklipMalto: Backlip

Malto: OverkrooksMalto: Overkrooks

Malto: BacksmithMalto: Backsmith

Malto: HardflipMalto: Hardflip

Malto: Front krooksMalto: Front krooks

Malto: BSNBSMalto: BSNBS

5 Comments Skate for a Cause sequences!

  1. dudee wtf?!! why in the shecklers cab flip sequence Darrell Stanton show on the bank from nowhere??
    Posted: 5 years ago,
  2. Don't fool people like this! The Cabflip is mdae out of two different sequences and everybody can tell.
    Why you do this? Completely unneccessary...

    Posted: 5 years ago,
  3. stupid ass tryna make sheklers sketchy landing look clean! sheckler is straight junk... you just lost a customer

    jaboi aka somalia
    Posted: 5 years ago,
  4. ryans cab flip was alsome but it looked fake becuse darrell stanton came out of know where but as good as ryan is he made it look ALSOME

    Posted: 5 years ago,
  5. i am here agin to tell all you mf's that ryans cab flip was not fake it is in the video skate for a cause almost all sequences are in there

    Posted: 5 years ago,

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