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Perico for Fly Bikes

Apr 26 2010 / Monday

perico fly bikes

Fly Bikes just sent over their latest 10th Anniversary edit, featuring Perico. Guiri had this to say about the man:

Perico for a long time has been in the Fly Bikes team. This guy had the balls to ride fully naked at the 09 Worlds dirt-jumping contest in Germany. He is definitely a character and it is very entertaining to hang out with him and ride, just because you know that always something special is going to happen. He made his interview in Spanish because his English is not very good, but we added some subtitles so all you guys can understand what is he talking about.

Perico's Fly Bikes interview from Flybikes on Vimeo.

perico fly bikes

perico fly bikes

perico fly bikesperico fly bikes







13 Comments Perico for Fly Bikes


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