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3 Minutes with Tuukka Korhonen

Posted By dustin in Skate | Apr 15 2010 / Thursday Skip To The Comments (1)

Tuukka Korhonen

Despite the busy life—touring to promote the new Blueprint film, Make Friends With the Colour Blue—etnies Europe rider, Tuukka Korhonen, sacrificed a few minutes of his precious time to entertain us. The MFWTCB tour is currently hitting Europe and will be landing in Los Angeles on April 25. Catch it if you can.

Top three skate spots in Helsinki:
  1. KIasma/Posti/Kamppi/Downtown. A few spots real close to each other, a mini ramp and some nice parks to chill at!
  2. Wamma Park. Legendary status. The city "accidentally" took all the DIY obstacles down to the ground. Hope it will be back this summer!
  3. Pasila. Too bad we can't skate the main bit anymore. Manual pad is still amazing.
Top three reasons to move back to Helsinki one day:
  1. My friends and family.
  2. Light all day and night in the summer.
  3. Sauna.
Top three spots in the UK:
  1. London.
  2. Bristol.
  3. Liverpool.
Top three things to do mid-summer in Finland:
  1. Have a good time out of the city with the homies.
  2. Sauna.
  3. Mash up!
Top three Magnolia Electric Co. songs:
  1. Farewell Transmission/John Henry Split My Heart.
  2. Rider.Shadow.Wolf.
  3. The Night Shift Lullaby.
Top three trips you have been on:
  1. Shenzhen, China. October 2007 with Blueprint.
  2. Mallorca, Spain. Usually an annual event for the Blueprint family.
  3. Helsinki, Finland; Tallinn, Estonia; and Riga, Latvia. It's always the spontaneous trips that are the greatest.
Top three Blueprint teammates:
  1. Nick.
  2. Chewy.
  3. Baines
Top three hardest no complys:
  1. Straight no comply that you actually pop. I'd love to be able to do them.
  2. Any switch no comply. Can't do them.
  3. Those weird frontside heelflip bigspin ones a lot of people can do. Just can't figure that toe technique out!
Top three etnies teammates to skate with:
  1. Julian.
  2. Charles.
  3. Willow.
Top three Helsinki skaters:
  1. Mikko Kivikoski.
  2. Juha Pönkänen.
  3. Enis/Simo.
Top three reasons to live in Barca:
  1. The weather.
  2. Girlfriend.
  3. The people.
Top three places to eat cheap in Barca:
  1. Pim Pam Burger. Best burgers in town at a decent price.
  2. Bo de Be. Sandwiches and salads, fresh!
  3. Tucco's Pasta. They make they're own fresh pasta.
Top three reasons to ride for Blueprint:
  1. The
  2. Blueprint
  3. Family!
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1 Comment 3 Minutes with Tuukka Korhonen

  1. The first video is the best part !


    Posted: 6 years ago,

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