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Fakie Coping Grabs with Aaron Ross

Posted By dustin in BMX | Apr 8 2010 / Thursday Skip To The Comments (14)

Download in high quality (236.3 MB)

Aaron Ross, Number The Odyssey Number

The Odyssey Number is a colorway inspired by Aaron Ross and his sponsor, Odyssey. It features a BMX-specific sole designed to grip pedals but also release when needed without tearing the rubber. Denser EVA in the arch provides extra protection from pedals, while softer EVA on the toe and heel provide extra flexibility and comfort. System G2™ heel gel prevents bruising. The Odyssey Number is animal friendly and as colorful as Ross himself.

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14 Comments Fakie Coping Grabs with Aaron Ross

  1. Funny as h3ll

    Posted: 6 years ago,
  2. those shoes are amazing

    Posted: 6 years ago,
  3. shoes are gay as hell ,but the vids pretty funny

    Posted: 6 years ago,
  4. Aaron is so childish ))) I love this guy )))
    Vid is amazing & shoes are great! I wish they'll get to Russia somehow :D

    Posted: 6 years ago,
  5. I love the style of aaron ross have a colorful life

    Posted: 6 years ago,
  6. I love the style of aaron ross have a colorful life

    Posted: 6 years ago,
  7. i had to try this trick after i've seen the vid, and it worked out pretty well. thx to aaron for teachin such a trick.

    Posted: 6 years ago,
  8. nice and creative colors like his bikes man!

    Posted: 6 years ago,
  9. gay

    corpus christi
    Posted: 6 years ago,
  10. i so wanna try that

    kyle hudson
    Posted: 6 years ago,
  11. I want etnies shop in ukraine!)

    Posted: 6 years ago,
  12. Great trick man, and the shoes are great too, great collors like aaron bikes!!!

    Osvaldo Pinheiro
    Posted: 6 years ago,
  13. i bought these shoes like a week ago there sweet i love them for riding i was thinking about getting to pairs one for riding and one for normal shoes cuz they are super, omega cumfy! arron ross done good with these =)

    Posted: 6 years ago,
  14. BIG fan you are so awesome i wish i ould do tht on my new bike im only 11 and im trying to be you you are my role modle

    Posted: 5 years ago,

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