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The Mikey Taylor Apparel Collection

Posted By dustin in Skate | Mar 4 2010 / Thursday Skip To The Comments (34)


Plain and simple... Mikey Taylor favors the basics.

So it's no surprise that his new apparel line is just that. Basic, clean styles... not stiff and fresh out of the box, but worn in... just the way you like 'em. This way, your favorite pieces don't take a few months of wear and a dozen washes to become your favorites. You'll love 'em from day one and wear 'em every day after.

The Taylor Collection in Stores Now.
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34 Comments The Mikey Taylor Apparel Collection

  1. I am so glad he came out with this line, cant wait to get it!!

    Posted: 6 years ago,
  2. overpriced bullshit. mike taylor shouldnt have a clothing line. hes an average skater at best. there's alot of ams that are wayyyy better than him.

    Posted: 6 years ago,
  3. hes so hot great fashion sense u know.

    Posted: 6 years ago,
  4. dickhole what are you talking about hes one of the best skaters out there

    Posted: 6 years ago,
  5. mikey taylor can suck a dick! his style is stupid. Tell him to add some new tricks or do something different in his parts.

    Posted: 6 years ago,
  6. everyone hating can suck 3 dicks. Mikey is dope. These clothes are dope. Remember you'll never get your own clothing line

    Posted: 6 years ago,
  7. u all dont know wut ur talkin bout...mikey is sure fire.....just wait till the taylor 2's come out

    Posted: 6 years ago,
  8. hey tyler , taylor 2's are just rip offs of vans sk8 lows so stuff it.

    Posted: 6 years ago,
  9. hahaha for all u haters out there stop getting all buthurt cuz u have no lives nd gotta take it out on somebody that u wish u were... mikey taylor is sooo sick

    Posted: 6 years ago,
  10. i think hes really sick, its nice that etnies support skaters who are just regular dudes and dont have to wear tights for pants or have a million lifestyle shots of them smoking and boozing to stand out and create some kind of 'image'..

    Posted: 6 years ago,
  11. ...on a day when iv seen a stevie williams ad for g shock watches with him doing an ollie on flat(im not hating on stevie, hes one of my favs but thats the first bit of coverage iv seen of him in about a year which aint too hot), its good to see mikey getting his rewards for keeping it about good skateboarding.

    Posted: 6 years ago,
  12. whats with the hate. mikeys awesome. if you dont like him why are you looking at all of his shit?

    Posted: 6 years ago,
  13. hahaha skate for fun , not for glory .
    you , american dick head

    Posted: 6 years ago,
  14. were can i buy etnis?

    Posted: 6 years ago,
  15. what the hell! his line is way to much money

    Posted: 6 years ago,
  16. you guys can go away just cause mikey is gay doesnt mean he cant have a clothing line

    Posted: 6 years ago,
  17. Alright listen assholes,he is fucking PRO!If you have seen his old videos or his recently new Mindfield part then you should see that he has gotten fucking better.He's better than your punk asses anyways so shut the fuck up.Yeah there are some ams out there that are better so what?Its the new generation folks,get used to it.Mikey has been around for awhile now.

    Mikey Taylor Supporter
    Posted: 6 years ago,
  18. dude thats sick!gonna get this shit

    Posted: 6 years ago,
  19. Ok, but what is the impact of his "line" on environment and does Mickey care 'bout that anyway? Concerning his skating, I believe he fairly deserves pro status... He's been skating for a while and he's keeping it fresh. Peace

    ilir sopa
    Posted: 6 years ago,
  20. I like the simple style myself. And To the that one guy talking smack. Ams have to be better than pros! Thats why pros chill soo much! I love mikey's style and Attitude

    Dyshon Whidbee
    Posted: 6 years ago,
  21. What the hell are all you dicks talking about Mikey is awsome.

    Posted: 6 years ago,
  22. Taylor is one of the inovators of skateboarding. Haterz go get murdered!!!!!

    Liam Brown
    Posted: 6 years ago,
  23. I (L) skateboarding

    Daniella Infantas
    Posted: 6 years ago,
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    Posted: 6 years ago,
  25. get off the computer and go skate dickheads!

    Posted: 6 years ago,
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    Posted: 6 years ago,
  27. wow, so much hostility. you all need to chill out. if you dont like what mikey is designing dont buy it, creating an image in a brand isnt just about what tricks you do. its a dedication to skateboarding that youll never understand because you obviously are an ignorant asshole, so all you haters go cry yourself to sleep while mikey keeps having fun and not given a fuck about haters like you, witch is why everyone likes him. Hes a good guy.

    Aaron, W
    Posted: 5 years ago,
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    Posted: 5 years ago,
  29. , whatever dude.


    Posted: 5 years ago,
  30. Lorrie rocks...

    Kind Regards

    previjalna miza

    Mamie Sutherland
    Posted: 5 years ago,
  31. Bless them. And bless you, for initiation the thread.

    Posted: 5 years ago,
  32. Are you have a some childs?

    Posted: 5 years ago,
  33. dude its all about how good you are. Its about your style and personality. If you dont like his stuff dont buy it.Its that frickin simple!!

    Posted: 5 years ago,
  34. dude its not all about how good you are. Sure its a big part but so is Its your style and personality. If you dont like his stuff dont buy it.Its that frickin simple!!

    Posted: 5 years ago,

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