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Mikey gets classic!

Jan 28 2010 / Thursday

Thrasher Skateboard Magazine

3 Comments Mikey gets classic!

  1. Watta Style! Definantely this is the best skatevideo ever, for me it was the main door to skateboard, I remember the end of year 2002, Some dude sold to my crew in our skatepark this video and we went to my friend's house, bought some pizza and start to watch the video on night. Man it was the best, first skate video watched, me and my friends pretty much got stoked about how skateboard really is, enjoy with friends, trips, hard tricks and massive gaps.

    Guilherme de Moraes
    Posted: 6 years ago,
  2. Probabily Paul and mikey was the grand inspiration to me on skateboard. Today I'm 21 years old kid that fight to survive with skateboard in my town. Brazil is realy hard to accept skate as sport once they look to soccer as the only sport could be praticed. Now i'm trying to make my own skateshop and sponsor dreams like I had, be an skateboarder.

    Guilherme de Moraes
    Posted: 6 years ago,
  3. As I said, My dream wasn't happen, because I'm pretty old to get some good season in Brazil, the spots don't help and the mind of the people are very individual. I have to work to pay my bills, college and etc.. But I'm almost getting my skateshop, I'm working hard to make it happen and when it happen I will enjoy every second of this life. About Mikey, thanks dude for be such a great skateboarder and don't metter how little I mean to you but you have a good influence about my life.

    Guilherme de Moraes
    Posted: 6 years ago,

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