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3 Minutes with Willow

Posted By dustin in Skate | Sep 18 2009 / Friday Skip To The Comments (9)

Great expectations

By the time you read this, the new Flip video, Extremely Sorry, will have premiered all over the world. You will have access to first or secondhand knowledge to decide for yourself if Willow lived up to the expectations that snowballed after the rumor of his backside bigspin attempt at Wallenberg hit the message boards.

The last thing Willow would want to do is let anyone down. He proves it every day by doing the best he can on his skateboard to provide for his family. They say fear is a great motivator; love can be an even bigger one. Willow is living proof of this. Expect to see much more of everybody’s favorite German in the next few months...

Top 3 German skaters:
  1. Stephan "Günni" Günther
  2. Andi Welther
  3. Sami Harithi
Top 3 places to eat in California:
  1. Whole Foods
  2. Sushi Place
  3. Oli Barton’s kitchen
Top 3 places to eat in Cologne:
  1. Tokio
  2. Nicoles dad’s kitchen
  3. Ferkulum
Top 3 skate spots in Cologne:
  1. Dom
  2. Northbrigade
  3. Eisstadion
Top 3 skate spots in California:
  1. Don't remember
  2. The names
  3. Sorry dogs
Top 3 people to skate with in Cologne:
  1. Schakat
  2. Tim
  3. Carsten Krieg
Top 3 people to skate with in California:
  1. Arto
  2. Geoff
  3. Tyler Bledsoe
Top 3 tricks to try down 10 or more stairs:
  1. Hardflip
  2. Nollie tre
  3. Switch heel
Top 3 ledge tricks:
  1. Front Shuv backside nosegrind
  2. Back tailslide
  3. Backside 180 nosegrind
Top 3 laser flips in skateboarding:
  1. Marc Johnson
  2. Chris Cole
  3. Quirin Obermayer
Top 3 things about being a father:
  1. Getting breast hair
  2. To know that it's possible to live without sleep
  3. See the smile everyday and watch him grow and learning step by step
Top 3 diaper brands:
  1. Aldi
  2. Rewe
  3. DM
Top 3 reasons to move out of the city:
  1. A garden
  2. A mini ramp in the garden
  3. Air
Top 3 things about living in a house in a quiet neighborhood:
  1. Friendly neighbours
  2. Put all your visions together and build a nice one with much more space than in the city
  3. Parking spaces
Top 3 reasons to build a mini ramp in the backyard:

  1. There's space and it will be fun
  2. You don't get hurt
  3. You don't rust
Top 3 skate trips you have been on:
  1. etnies Spain and UK Recognition tour
  2. Trip to Oliver Barton’s house in L.A.
  3. Kings of Quarter tour
Top 3 tattoos on your body:
  1. My son’s name
  2. My girlfriend’s name
  3. Our family crest
Top 3 reasons for being a positive and motivated person every day:
  1. Kaffee
  2. Kippe
  3. Kacken
Top 3 things about riding for Flip:
  1. Being with Tom, Geoff, Mark and the whole family makes me really proud
  2. And super motivated
  3. The über Bo
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9 Comments 3 Minutes with Willow

  1. BEST



    Posted: 6 years ago,
  2. BEST



    THE Nollie Tre in the Flip VID is INSANE!

    Posted: 6 years ago,
  3. yeah willow, heard you. Henning - Quartertourtime!

    Posted: 6 years ago,
  4. Rules

    Posted: 6 years ago,
  5. make him pro – skateboarding owes him money

    Posted: 6 years ago,
  6. only very stupid people get their girlfriend's name tattooed onto their body.

    eric booth
    Posted: 6 years ago,
  7. only very stupid people complain about other
    men girlfriends, tattoes and shit.
    dont hate on internet- if you met him on skateboard
    he´s an 100% skater`s skater
    pushing his own limits
    Big respect - never join a gap session like with willow again!

    Posted: 6 years ago,
  8. willow keep on, keepin on, into the great wide open,
    big heart, big skateboarding...

    Posted: 6 years ago,
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    Joan Swenson
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