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Davis Torgerson's Minnesota!

Aug 24 2009 / Monday

Davis in Minnesota!

There's no place like home, right? Well, Davis' home is in Minnesota. He and our boy behind the lens, Sam McGuire, have been hangin' out in the 'ol MN while Davis finishes up his part for the new Real video. Here's an update from Sam...

Hey Brink,

Here are some photos if you want to put them up on the blog. Davis got kind of broke off on Saturday, so he's been letting his legs recover. See the photo of where his hands are messed up? He was trying to skate this big four at this playground and there was this five-year-old kid running around in a ninja suit. Davis would try his trick and fall and kind of scream in pain because his palms were getting ripped up, and the kid would just yell at him:

"If it's hurts then stop doing it!"

Davis in Minnesota!

While most people might get upset or whatever, Davis just starts talking to him, saying stuff like, "Well I know, but I've already jumped down it a bunch and I know it hurts but I really don't want to leave here in pain and not even do my trick."

The kid wasn't really too impressed. But Davis tries a few more times and he screams again in pain and the kid asks him:

"Why are you still trying this?"

Davis in Minnesota!

Davis again explains how he wants to just land it since he's been there for an hour and wants to get his trick and says that he thinks he might land one pretty soon. And as soon as Davis finishes saying that, the kid goes:

"Yeah right, in like a million years."

It was pretty amazing. Being too sore to skate, we decided to do what anyone should be doing on a hot Minneapolis summer day... go to the lake. Keep checking back for more photo updates from our trip!

Davis in Minnesota!

Davis in Minnesota!

Davis in Minnesota!

Davis in Minnesota!

Davis in Minnesota!

Davis in Minnesota!

Davis in Minnesota!

Davis in Minnesota!

3 Comments Davis Torgerson's Minnesota!

  1. Davis kills it.Haha that subway that he's at is right my my friend house in minneapolis

    Joe Stege
    Posted: 6 years ago,
  2. yah watch out in minnesota we walk upside down

    northwoods brobrah
    Posted: 6 years ago,
  3. you dont know the meaning of rough ground if your not from minnesota

    Posted: 6 years ago,

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