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Random fun fact

Aug 21 2009 / Friday

I got this email through our online contact form. This is where most of you ask for stickers and free stuff and sponsorships. However, this kid Chris asked for some info, and in return offered a fun fact.

Could you send me an up to date list of all your 100% nonleather shoes (textiles and/or synthetics; no suede, nubuck, action leather, etc)? I'm vegan and would like to get some new kicks. I am not concerned with what sorts of adhesives you might use and whether or not the are cruelty free (unless you know for sure, right now that they are made from animal by-products, in which [case] please let me know). But I do only wear synthetics or textiles (i.e. no leather). Thank you so much, mate.

Here is a fun fact to spice up your message reading day: only 4 types of sharks have attacked humans with any frequency (tiger, bull, great white, and oceanic whitetip). The whitetip lives in deep waters, but during WWI and II shot down fighter pilots were in some serious trouble.

Thanks, Chris. Just for that, I'm gonna answer your question right here in the blog:

Here's a link to our current vegan styles, all viewable in the etnies Online Store. Don't forget that materials, and thus vegan-ness, vary between colorways of the same shoe. Look for our "no cow" symbol under the product features.

Vegan shoes in the etnies Online StoreVegan shoes in the etnies Online Store

Shop now and take advantage of our back-to-school deals including FREE stuff with your purchase!

12 Comments Random fun fact

  1. Brink used to steal better stuff than this from me.:)

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  2. Thanks for making it so easy to find vegan skate shoes! I just purchased a pair after seeing this post. You guys rock.

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