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"You guys can work this out."

Aug 20 2009 / Thursday

Deegan to the relationship rescueDeegan to the relationship rescue

Last night Deegan dispensed some much needed love advice to all the callers-in to Dr. Drew's Loveline. I checked it out for a moment and witnessed Brian handle a situation so hairy that even the great Dr. Drew wanted no part in it. It went something like this:

Joe, a post-op transgender, called for advice on how to tell his girlfriend of six months that he was born a girl. After convincing him that he did indeed need to come clean, they listened as Joe wondered how. Deegan advised him to do it on the air... right then and there. Joe agreed, but Dr. Drew did not and walked out.

Once Joe's girlfriend was on the phone, he finally managed to get the words out... and much to the surprise of no one, she flipped out. After a few minutes of much understood yelling, the blindsided girl paused and dead air took over... until, with one brilliant thought, Deegan opened his mouth, "You guys can work this out."

Then, as if truer words were never before spoken, there was more talking, more i love yous, more understanding and the world made sense again. In the end, the girl felt open-minded, Joe felt lucky and they had Deegan to thank. There you have it; please direct all birds & bees questions to Dr. Deegan.

Listen to the whole show right here.

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