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The Tuukka Korhonen Interview

Posted By dustin in Skate | Aug 14 2009 / Friday Skip To The Comments (6)

You ready for this?
I guess.

Let's start with the usual crap. Age, where you from, etc.
Well, I’m from Helsinki, Finland. I’m 21 at the moment. Hopefully I’ll live to get a little older. I started skating when I was seven. My big brother and his friends skated and it looked cool. So I wanted a board and got it finally.

Did your brother continue skating with you?
No, he kind of stopped and got into other things.

How is Helsinki to skate?
We have long winters, so when summer is there we just skate all day every day. From morning until night pretty much. In the winters we just skated indoor parks if we had some and if not there was parking garages and whatnot. Anything dry we could find.

How long is it usually dark up there? How many months?
There's more shit weather than good weather, that's for sure. Summer is only three or four months and the rest is shite.

So you have to make the most of it. Do you actually skate all "night" when it doesn't get dark?
Yes we go skate during the white nights because it's the same as during the day but with less people around. And some spots you can only skate at night, like in the city center where it's usually busy. It's fine at night and there's light, which is cool. But that was more when I was younger so I wasn't allowed to be out that long.

It seems like you were traveling when you were still really young.
I think my first trip was when I was thirteen or fourteen with the Finnish Sole Technology crew. Went to Malmö and St. Petersburg. My parents were pretty skeptical about going to Russia, but my friends talked to them and it was all right.

Seems like they were pretty relaxed to let you travel at age thirteen. That's kind of crazy.
Well they were worried. My friend who is the TM in Finland had to call and promise to take care of me. And they did! They introduced me to brews!

And it all went downhill from there!
Yes indeed. But my parents have always been cool about that, which is good.

Is that quite common in Finland or was it just your parents?
I am not sure, but some of my friends had parents that were really strict. I was chillin.'

I am 21 at the moment. Hopefully i will live to get a little older.

You are not in Finland right now, are you?
No I am in Barcelona, staying here for a moment. Loving it! But in the summer I want to go up there for a little bit, see my parents and friends. I haven't been there in a couple of months now.

You’ve been in Spain since before the Sicily trip?
Yes, since the end of February. It's been a while actually.

Are you over it yet?
Over Barca? It's kind of hard to get stuff done skating-wise. It’s too easy to just relax. It's hard to find the good filmers and get stuff done. It's possible but also easy not to. That's the thing that kind of annoys me. Otherwise it's good.

That's quite paradox. It's the best city in the world for skating (or so they say) and it's hard to get stuff done.
Exactly! I know it's weird. I'm kind of more living here than being on a skate mission. When I used to come here for a week or two it was a full-on skate mission.

That makes it different. When you are there for a longer time you don't focus on skating as much as if you only have a few days.
Because you know you’re only there for that. Now I do other things as well.

Do you have your whole life down there or does it still feel like a permanent vacation?
I don't know. That's what I’ve been trying to figure out. I'm just living day-by-day and I’ll see what's going to happen.

Do you have your own room and stuff? Or are you on the couch?
Yeah, I got a room with this girl right now, which is good. That's one good reason to stay here of course.

Aren't you supposed to be filming for the Blueprint video?
Yeah I am. I actually got an email from the new TM, Paul Shier, that said to get our shit together. Chewy Cannon also lives here. So hopefully I will get down with him, figure out who to go film with.

So Paul is cracking the whip?
Yes, I don't know. I thought it was a good thing that he got in there, but I’m not so sure now. Just kidding. I am glad it's Shire and Magee doing it now. It's going to be way better.

So things are good for you with them?
I suppose so, it's kind of like back in the beginning even though the brand has a good name and has the background... they are still kind of in the beginning. It's hard to get boards and stuff right now, but I hope everything goes well. I’m stoked; we just got some good boards again.

So you will have a full part if you come through with the footage?
Yeah, I hope so, that's what we are trying to do. I don't know. Some of the footage is getting so damn old, which is kind of frustrating as well. I’ll have to get some new stuff.

Will you have a no comply-only part?
That would be wicked if I could make a whole part, but I doubt that. I hope there's going to be some no complys in there. There better be!

You could no comply the big four!
That sounds potentially really painful.

I'm just living day by day style and see what's going to happen.

Have you recovered from the etnies Recognition tour?
This latest one in Spain and the UK? Yes I’ve recovered. It took me a couple of days of taking it easy, just lounging. It was loads of fun. I was just super tired after skating every day and being in the van you know? Partying a little bit also! I was stoked to be on the trip but was glad when it was over.

Did you get along with everybody from the US?
Everybody was cool. I obviously already knew Willow, Charles and Julian, but I got along really good with the others as well. I don't have anything bad to say at all.

You didn't know any of them, except Kyle?
I only met him quickly in Finland, so they are all new friends now. Nice people and good times!

Who has more no complys? You or Kyle?
I don't know. Kyle has a couple of really good ones that I can't do. But I still beat him in an only no comply game of S.K.A.T.E. Maybe I was just lucky.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?
I would like to go to Finland at some point when it's nice there, summer and lots of sunlight. At least for a little while to see family and friends. Other than that I don't know, try to film for Blueprint, hopefully have some trips with them. I haven't been on one for a while. They are always fun.

Anything lined up yet?
Not that I know of, but I guess I could always go to England.

You've mentioned London as one of your favorite cities... And now it's not even that expensive anymore.
Yeah, I love it. All kinds of weird little spots all over the city. Barcelona has mad plazas and stuff but London is definitely good too. It's a massive city as well, so you can find all kinds of weird stuff there.

A lot of stuff that you would be into. Not just stairs and rails.
More like weird bank thingies. They have them here in Barca as well, but there's something about London. The bricks and everything make it more English. It reminds me of home, because it's a bit harsh. Not perfect, no marble. Like at home (in Finland). The ground is pretty rough because of the long winters. But that grows you as a skater. So you are not used to just perfect floors.

Better than growing up on marble spots.
Yes and then trying to go to London for a little filming trip.

Let's do some standard questions. What music are you into at the moment?
I don't know. I go trough these weird phases. I am kind of on a hip hop phase now.

No way!
Yes way. But I’ll always listen to Songs: Ohia, well it's called Magnolia Electric Co. now. I listen to that loads. I think they have a new record coming out soon. I read something that they are working on it. So that will be sweet. I actually just missed their concert here in Barcelona because we were in London. Too bad, but I probably wouldn't have had the money for it anyway. What else have I been listening too? Can't even remember. Got to check my iTunes!

Send me a screenshot of the playlist with your favorite songs!
I'll do it when we are done here.


That way we can give people some ideas for good music. More standard questions: Who do you skate with back home?
In Helsinki I skate with the Perrus boys like Pirkka, Simo and those guys. I used to live with Simo Mäkelä in Helsinki. Those guys are good fun and they have cars, so we can go to the whole capital area, which has more spots than just in Helsinki.

For Barcelona, it changes. I’ve was skating with Chewy and the Blueprint guys when they were here like a month ago. Travis, a filmer from Arizona, I go out skating with him a lot. Whoever is down to go to some basic spot. People who are down to go somewhere other than just MACBA. The big vortex...

What about Charles and Furones?
I should actually! We are always saying that we will call each other and go skate. But for some reason it never happens. And then I see them at the bar. I need to get credit on my phone to call them so we can skate Badalona and stuff. Charles actually lives in town now.

Have you seen him since you got back from the Recognition tour?
Yes, his ass is healed actually. He can skate now. He's stoked, he went skating and it's all good. That was funny. Not for him, but it was funny.

His misadventure was good for you...
Yes, because Charles was stabbed in the ass, I got to go to England with the rest of the team. It was good.

You almost didn't make it!
Oh yeah! Catching that flight was an experience. What was it, like two minutes left to check in?

Yes, we had to convince them to keep it open for a bit longer.
I was in the taxi, so scared I was not going to make it. I’m glad it worked out. I felt like such a scumbag. I had to pay the cab out of my per diem. So that was a little lesson for me.

All right, that's it. Any last words?
Yes! Brews brews!

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6 Comments The Tuukka Korhonen Interview

  1. This interview was good , i liked it ,, and tukka you are one of the best skaters out there!

    Posted: 6 years ago,
  2. My friend Charles took muchos yayo with Tukka.
    In the words of Mr. Jones - 'REPRESENT REPRESENT - straight up shit is real!'

    Posted: 6 years ago,
  3. Its Tuukka not Tukka

    Posted: 6 years ago,
  4. I think Tuukka should fly down to Toronto, Canada to skate. There is so many spots down here.

    Andrew Laita
    Posted: 5 years ago,
  5. Well put, sir, well put. I'll certialny make note of that.

    Posted: 4 years ago,
  6. I'm impressed! You've mangaed the almost impossible.

    Posted: 4 years ago,

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