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GvR Eindhoven

Mar 27 2009 / Friday

1-0 to the regular footers at Europe’s first Goofy versus Regular battle of the stances.

gvr goofy vs regular europe

The etnies Goofy vs Regular Europe skateboard contest at Area 51 in Eindhoven is over. After a busy day with over 70 skateboarders and more than 500 spectators the battle of the stances came off victorious for the Regular footers. With 1742 points they were just 46 points ahead of the Goofy riders with their 1696 points. Stand out tricks from Regulars Woody Hoogendijk (NL, 360 flip lipslide down the handrail) , Sven Kilchenmann (CH, salad grind on the big rail) and Yannick Schall (GER, bluntslide to fakie on the pyramid ledge) added valuable points to the team’s score.

For outstanding skateboarding throughout the day the Team Captains also picked their MVP from each team. With his bigspin boardslide down the big rail and backside smith grind, Rob Maatman (Deventer, NL) took home MVP for the Goofy footers and Regular skater Axel Cruysberghs, 14 years old, (Poperinge BEK) took the title with 26 tricks in 4 minutes, including his bigspin frontside boardslide and ollie late shove-it over the barrel.

The Riders who qualified for the finals where: Goofy’s Helder Lima (PT), Nelson Mosikili (NL), Louis Taubert (DE), Tim Zom (NL), Rob Maatman (NL), Phil Zwijssen (BE), Tristan Koelewijn (NL) and Douwe Macare (NL) and Regulars Jeremy Reinhardt (DE), Woody Hoogendijk (NL), Sven Kilchenmann (CH), Nick Bax (NL), Nassim Gummaz (NL), Guus Both (NL), Yannick Schall (DE) and Axel Cruysberghs (BE).

As the perfect ending to a successful day all riders were invited for the EA Skate 2 Best Trick contest. Using the stair set up with a ledge and a hand rail to their best ability the rider’s pulled a number of amazing tricks out of the bag. Standing out were Pascal Reif (Montabaur, Germany) with his nollie backside bigspin backside lipslide down the stairs and Helder Lima (Lissabon, Portugal) with his switch backside 360 also down the stairs. However, taking home the Best Trick title was Denny Pham from Rostock in Germany with his stylish nollie backside 360 heelflip down the stairs.

Outside the skatepark, the graffiti contest also came to an end and the giant wall outside the skatepark got a fresh paintjob by 5 outstanding teams. On the beautiful sunny Saturday, they got 8 hours and 20 “MTN 94” spray cans to fill their slab of wall with a Goofy vs. Regular Themed graffiti piece. The teams cashing the prices where: 3rd place – Lastpak (Rotterdam, NL), 2nd place – The Zombies (Utrecht, NL) and 1st place – Clowns from Hell! (Haarlem, NL).

gvr skate europe eindhoven

gvr skate europe eindhoven

gvr skate europe eindhoven

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