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Jeff K's HUGE In China...

Mar 5 2009 / Thursday

jeff klugiewicz china bmx interview

Jeff Klugiewicz is kind of a big deal in China. And you know, I'm all for cultural variety... I love to travel and I enjoy mispronouncing words in other languages. But I gotta say, thank goodness for Google translator.

Here's a bit of Jeff K's CNBMX interview before Google translator:

Jeff Klugiewicz独家CNBMX专访!

发布: 2009-3-05 08:53 | 作者: Clark | 来源: 本站原创 | 查看: 78次
CNBMX专访国外车手第一期已经做好了,来自美国的Jeff Klugiewicz,他的访问很简单也代表了很大一批BMX车手的一些想法,让我们一起看一下吧!
q"b DJw7M(OCNBMX 中国 BMX 小轮车资讯网QSl2k5? H$`X.C
Jeff Klugiewicz:25岁,居住在美国威斯康辛州密尔沃基。更擅长于道具的选手,惊人的FootJam(超高空落地后,靠脚控制做前轮点平衡),动作富有力度,流畅。
Q O8Y Q)UCNBMX 中国 BMX 小轮车资讯网CVj8K \BV'O

And here's that same bit after:

CNBMX exclusive interview with Jeff Klugiewicz!

CNBMX an exclusive interview with the first phase of foreign drivers have been doing a good job, and from the United States Jeff Klugiewicz, his visit is very simple, also on behalf of a great group of BMX driver some ideas, let us look at it!

Jeff Klugiewicz:25 years old, living in the United States Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Items more good at the players, amazing FootJam (ultra-high-altitude landing after the front wheel on the foot control to do the balance point), moves the rich, and smooth.

Huh? Yeah, I don't know either... Lost in translation... check out the rest of the supposed English translation here.

1 Comment Jeff K's HUGE In China...

  1. 哇!谢谢!我一直想写在我的该网站的东西。我能参加你的文章的一部分,我的博客?

    Posted: 4 years ago,

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