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Update From JJ

Feb 25 2009 / Wednesday

jj palmere knee surgery

JJ blew out his knee and had surgery. "How?" you ask... So did we, and here what he had to say about it:

Went to this 14 set in July that I wanted to tooth hanger for my Staff ad. I double pegged it and iced it 1st try and tooth hangered it 1st try also... got the ad. Then Kevin Conners wanted to shoot it wide angle so I was like, "yeah sure, whatever." Did it again, went kinda to fast, over swung my rear end and put my leg out. Saved my fall but just destroyed the next 7 months of my life...

I saw two different doctors, descded which one I wanted to use and got the surgery a month after the injury. Just been chilling ever since, rehabing it as much as I can. The brace I needed is a custom fitting brace that cost $1200. I'd been searching online and finally came across one on eBay. I got it for $265 so im stoked. Beats paying $1200, right? I'm just waiting to ride, been hanging out with my girlfriend and working my knee out as much as possible.

I can not wait to ride my bike again! So it'll be 6 months since surgery on the 25th of Feb. I'm hopin' when I go to the doctor on the 4th of March he lets me start riding bmx. This is the longest I've ever been off of my bike so I'm losin' my mind here.

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