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etnies Love/Hate Contest!

Feb 6 2009 / Friday

Valentine's Day gets everyone so caught up in LOVE. We, however, would like to acknowledge that very thin line between love and hate... because who out there with a skateboard hasn't been frustrated with a trick, to the point of throwing and sometimes breaking your skateboard that you love so much? We understand.

So we're having a contest! Tell us about your love/hate relationship with anything or anyone, and if we like yours best, we'll send you some product from the etnies Love/Hate collection! It's that easy. Either comment here or write us via the online contact form. Don't you just love/hate the chance to win?

love hate contest

11 Comments etnies Love/Hate Contest!

  1. im going to have to put these in a catagory of their own, and that would be school & my jobs. college is great and i need both my jobs to support myself, but most days id rather not go through with the bull$h!t. i LOVE that im working towards my degree and im paying for it myself, but i HATE not having any free time :(

    Posted: 7 years ago,
  2. No comments yet

    Mira Teplitsky
    Posted: 7 years ago,
  3. Im pretty young so I know a lot about love/hate relationships.
    I Love shopping online but I Hate when i really want something and it's either too expensive or I don't know what size I need so I can't try it on!!!

    Posted: 7 years ago,
  4. I am currently in a love hate relationship with wakeboarding. I LOVE to wakeboard because it's just so much fun to try to learn how to do different tricks. But I also hate how it can be so frustrating when your just trying to jump the wake and your board keeps getting caught on the edge so you can only go for about 2 or 3 runs and you're whipped. I keep wakeboarding though because I love the challenge and can't wait to finally conquer those moves I've always dreamt of doing.

    Sarah Etzler
    Posted: 7 years ago,
  5. i love to have a car and go wherever i want, but i hate to not have money for the gas :S

    Posted: 7 years ago,
  6. I love my father when he does what I want, especially when he lends me the car or give me money when I'm broke...but I hate him when he ask me to come home early or when he ignores me cause I did something he didn't want me to do...

    Posted: 7 years ago,
  7. Not yet

    Mira Teplitsky
    Posted: 7 years ago,
  8. Here is one for you... I love love. It's unhindered. Unrefined. Spontaneous. Passionate. Unrestricted. And I hate falling in it.

    Posted: 7 years ago,
  9. i hate everything lol

    kimberly o
    Posted: 7 years ago,
  10. i

    Posted: 7 years ago,
  11. so theres this guy and im totally i love with him but i swear he hates me. though hes not a skater (which are hot) but a bmxer he still stole my heart. he and i both love the etnies brand his shoes and hoodies and my shoes. i can never find my way to his heart like his bike does. so my love/hate relationship is odd and thats okay cause hes worth the wait.

    Amanda Brandenburg
    Posted: 7 years ago,

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