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3 Minutes with Andre Villa

Posted By dustin | Dec 24 2009 / Thursday Skip To The Comments (3)

André Villa is not one to sit still for long and does not believe in giving up.

He was probably not supposed to ride dirt bikes as he comes from a small Norwegian mountain village called Vågå, where there’s winter over 8 months a year. But motor sports was in his blood. His grandfather became Scandinavian Ice Rally Champion on his 1926 Bugatti and his father, KJetil was a motocross pro in France in the 80’s and collected 15 medals in the Norwegian Championships together with André’s uncle. It was after one of his trips to France that Kjetil brought back a PW50 for André and so the story begins - at 4 years old André learned to ride a motorcycle before his bicycle.

After starting to race early he was already dominating the 80cc class by 1997 and in 1998 he was elected as one of the lucky students to enroll at the Norwegian Sports College with 50% motorcross riding and 50% school – every young man’ dream!!

Unfortunately a neck injury following a crash in the Junior World Championships in the same year put a halt to his motocross career and studies at the Sports College. Following his ambitious spirit André did not let this get to him. Instead he devoted his time between some playriding, as André calls it, which resulted in him starting to hit ramps in 2001, and his 2nd passion in life, Freestyle Skiing. In 2003 the skis were thrown out of the van and André, with his dirtbike, made the pilgrimage to Spain, the mecca of European FMX (and where NO snow could stop him!).

Andre Villa

Within a year he was Spanish FMX Champion (but could only master "Another beer, please" in Spanish) and had his own FMX course near Allicante. In 2005 André’s determination and ambition paid off as he was awarded both IFMXF Rookie of the Year and Newcomer of the Year in German MotoX Magazine. Today, with more than 20 podium finishes and 10 1st places in the IFMXF World Championships, André is still as ambitious and passionate about the sport and looking forward to conquer many more podiums! Watch out – there is no stopping this Norwegian!

Top 3 FMX riders today:
  1. Nate Adams
  2. Eigo Sato
  3. Twitch
Top 3 FMX riders of al time:
  1. TP
  2. Metzger
  3. Deegan
Top 3 FMX places to ride:
  1. Danimals
  2. X-Fighters Texas
  3. My Park

Andre Villa

Top 3 FMX moments for you:
  1. Every time I rode with Jeremy Lusk.
  2. When I “broke in” my newly build park after eight months off due to an ACL injury. Smoking hot!
  3. Madrid X-Fighters 2008
Top 3 FMX contest to take part in:
  1. X-Fighters
  2. X-Games
  3. Tyrosse Aircontest
Top 3 Flip tricks:
  1. BF Cliffhanger
  2. BF Tsunami
  3. BF Nohand NoCheck Landing

Andre Villa

Top 3 non-Flip tricks:
  1. Crack Nac
  2. Holy Flint
  3. Vågå Whip
Top 3 tricks you are working on:
  1. 360
  2. BF Seatgrab
  3. Triple Candybar
Top 3 etnies shoes:
  1. RVM
  2. Faction
  3. Chalotas
Top 3 people to hang out with:
  1. Micha
  2. My homie Jørgen Valde
  3. Family

Andre Villa

Top 3 inspirations to you (people, place, culture etc):
  1. The power of good.
  2. Family
  3. Gravity play
Top 3 music artists:
  1. Iron Maiden
  2. Mötley Crüe
  3. Talib Kweli
Top 3 cities/ places:
  1. Home town Vågå
  2. On any powerful mountain with fresh pow and good friends.
  3. Jericoacoara
Top 3 things about living in Spain:
  1. The climate (lets me ride all year)
  2. Jamon Serrano
  3. Sangria

Andre Villa

Top 3 things about Norway:
  1. Family
  2. Friends
  3. My roots
Top 3 travel tips:
  1. If you travel with your girlfriend and have oversized bags, make sure that she is the one checking in if there is a dude in the counter. If not, you play the game and give her. It´s fun and saves you some cash at the same time.
  2. To avoid oversize. Don´t bring your girlfriend.
  3. Make sure to book your seat at the aisle for long distance flights. You don´t want to crawl over a fatty when that flight food gets to you.
Top 3 most important words to know in any language:
  1. Universal
  2. Kjærlighet
  3. Comunidad
Top 3 non-FMX hobbies:
  1. Skiing
  2. Surf
  3. Motocross
Top 3 New Year's resolutions for 2010:
  1. Won't fart
  2. Won't burp
  3. Won't abuse alcohol at any time. Ha!
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