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A conversation with Glaciers, Pt 2

Dec 16 2009 / Wednesday

conversation with glaciers SF

The conclusion of A conversation with Glaciers

You make these guys feel like dicks ‘cause they didn’t say anything about you!
Wig: But they aren’t dicks. These guys could figure out how to play with someone else if they want to, but they put up with the fact that I come out and play after I tuck my kids in at night.

Chuck: To put it in perspective, Matt and Dennis live in SF and Wig and I live in Oakland. We are sort of neighbors, just a few blocks away. We go to the same bar and have the same Manhattans.

All of your jobs are creative. It’s cool shit, not dumb ass shit. It’s fine that you aren’t the Rolling Stones. Songwise… crafting… how does it come about?
Dennis: There’s this guy Smokey... (laughter)

Wig: Chuck is the breadwinner for us. He’s addicted to the guitar; he’s got a lot of guitars. Too many pedals.

Chuck: I don’t have very many pedals. You are the pedal guy.

Wig: Chuck has a delay pedal for his delay pedal for his delay pedal. (laughs) Sometimes I wonder if that’s just making up for lack of talent. (LAUGHS) But you know what? At the end of day, Chuck doesn’t play drums. We all come up with our parts. And actually, Chuck is the best kind of leader in a band, because he starts something, and we all make it happen. He doesn’t think any of his stuff is usable until we write parts for it. Honestly, there’s always been friction in any band I’ve been in, but chuck has a good approach. He has a shitload of ideas, and I’ve had ideas I’ve brought into a song and Dennis might jump out of his seat, “Wig you are 80% there.” That’s what's rad about the process.

Matt: It's a pretty organic approach. Chuck is the creative force behind the song writing. He will bring in an idea and we will jam on it until it becomes a song.

My last question… How did you name it? Where does BLOOD FROM THE KING come from? Where did GLACIERS come from?
Dennis: The band name was a long process. It actually worked out somehow. I don’t even know how many different names we threw out.

Chuck: A lot. “The sea won the battle” was one.

Dennis: Yep, the band name we tried to start with became the name of our first record. "And The Sea Won the Battle". Chuck sent me a list one day, and in the middle of the list was GLACIERS. It just felt right, especially how the songs go. Naming the record, it just came to us; it made sense, conceptually at least. It was a good progression.

Chuck: For song titles…

Dennis: Some started with a name... then a feeling. “That song sounded like Blood For the King.” In general, we use the ocean and the sea as the theme for the band artwork as well.

Wig: Have you ever tired naming your children? Naming anything? A company? We have difficulty because we have 4 people in this band. I’d hate to be in a band with someone like me. I can barely stand to be in the same fucking room with myself. (laughs) It’s actually awesome we had a tough time naming the band.

Chuck: Song title naming is tough. BFTK... we liked the idea of something that sounded medieval. (laughs) We were trying to name our songs after serfs, the feudal system. It’s actually named after a former boss of mine. Band name credit goes to my wonderful wife Natalie, she suggested "Glacier", I said GLACIERS. She gets credit. Now go listen to Alice Coltrane.

glaciers at kilowatt

I want to get back to the Kilowatt thing. Since these guys are from others areas than the San Fran area. This could be Gilman, Berkeley square, anywhere. What's the best band you have ever seen in the area?
Wig: You guys are dicks. I have to go first! Here’s the deal. For me, personally, in 1993, I saw Born Against at Lennon studios, where we practice in SF. BA was a burly HC band that shapes a lot of things I think of day to day. Amazing. Sam McPheeters sat in a chair reading a newspaper, screaming, while the band went crazy. I gave him the Soulfire demo (Wigs old band). Something awesome about that day... Slayer, Mastodon, Mars Volta, At The Drive In, every great band, Rocket From The Crypt, Drive Like Jehu, Jawbreaker… doesn't matter. That show was the most awesome.

Matt: I’m going to go with something more recent. Two years ago I saw Mono and it was burned in my memory. The quiet parts... you could hear a pin drop. Then it would explode into mayhem... so amazing. You could hear someone upstairs. It’s just burned in my head.

Chuck: Tough question. I have a lot of great memories from when I moved here, seeing bands play in the Mission, but the one that stands out was seeing BLONDE REDHEAD on the "Fake Can Be Just As Good" tour at Bottom of the Hill and it just reminded me of why I wanted to play music in general.

Dennis: Don't even know here to begin! I remember in 1988 I took a road trip up to Gilman and I got to see SWIZ. Incredible show. I just had the 7". It was just so incredible.

By the way, if anyone wants to know, Dennis wins on the coolest thing he saw.
Dennis: Also, Inside Out played. That was the second best part of the show. I was still a teenager. It was definitely a pivotal moment in my music life.

glaciers at kilowatt

1 Comment A conversation with Glaciers, Pt 2

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