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Morgan's massive update

Dec 14 2009 / Monday

morgan wade chainsaws
Morgan's been busy:

Long time no see or talk for that matter!!!!!!!! Well... Here's what I've been up to:

After the Last Dew stop in Orlando, I got to spend some time at home for a bit. It was nice to actually be able to just hang around my house for more than three days! Got to do some stuff that's been waiting a hot minute to get done, like get the Camaro running and build a 400 foot zip line with my brother and some friends!

morgan got his z running

It's crazy that just being home feels like a vacation to me! But I've been having a lot of fun, I've even been able to do some artwork too. I've been on a spray paint stencil kick lately, and started making custom ping pong paddles! Finally made a sweet work bench in my shop with my buddy Rob too!

morgan's lion ping pong paddle

ping pong paddle gallery

shop bench

I ended up going to Louisville, a suburb of Dallas, to the opening of a new park out there. The park is really good!

louiseville new skatepark

It was kind or ironic though, I was invited to come up and ride the park by the guys that designed it, because all the local city officials were going to be there. I ended up talking to one of the head park designers for about 30 or 45 minutes about skateparks and how ridiculous some of the "anti bike" rules are that they have. We seriously talked about the dumb reasons bikes are kicked out and excluded from some parks for about 15 or 20 of those minutes. We ended up riding the park for about two hours and when all the city people were gone a park guy walks right up to me and tells me that I have to take my pegs off or leave the park! What kind of crap is that?!

He said, "Your pegs are ruining the park!"... I asked him how he knew that and if he could explain or show me how they were doing this. He got really confused and nervous-looking then said, "Well that's the rules! You'll have to talk to the people that make the rules about that!" I told him that I could prove pegs don't do any more damage than skateboards do and politely asked him not to come out telling us that we were ruining the park if he was only telling us the rules. All he had to do was say was, "it's the rules..." Not waa waa waa pegs are evil. So I left the park rather than take my pegs off... I love how I was invited to come out and ride, and as soon as the city people left I was pretty much kicked out... Stupid! I'm not too worried about it though, I think that rule will blow over just like it did at the Allen park.

So what did we do? We drove to the Allen park to ride the rest of the day! I actually ended up meeting two guys from Germany at the park, they were just over here in the States traveling around seeing things and riding bikes! Turns out they had just flown over purchased a 1978 Chevy van and were driving and sleeping in it! It was awesome! 

the van for the germans

The next weekend I drove down to Austin for the Empire/etnies/ BBQ at T-1 that weekend, which was awesome by the way, then came back up to Tyler for a few more weeks of vacation time! The Germans, Mathis and Volker, drove over from Dallas to hang out with us for a few days and ended up staying for two weeks! We had a blast with those guys! They had never shot guns before so it was rad to get to teach them gun safety and have fun target and skeet shooting with them. They were really good at it! 

texas with germans

polaroids with the germans

german horns

We then spent Thanksgiving with Natalie's family out in AZ. We drove out there on Tuesday and came back on Monday... 

On Tuesday night, not even 24 hours after getting home from AZ I flew to Woodward! I had a lot of fun at Camp even though I was only there for a day to tell Brian Hunt that he was on the Levi's team along with Seth Klinger. Those dudes are awesome! 

From Woodward I flew up to Boston to go to the Wicked Jam at  Rye Airfield! That was a nutty comp! Unfortunately, I broke my front axle and forks on my intro run... I had so much stuff that I wanted to do too! I ended up riding Seth Klinger's bike for a run, but his back tire came off the bead... So then I rode Zak Early's bike until it got a flat! And had to finnish up on Allen Cooke's bike to do my last trick! All the bike trouble held me down and I missed finals by just a few spots! I guess that's still pretty good though! 

I'm now headed to Greenville for Mirra's Animal House contest! Hopefully my bike will hold together for me on that one!!! Mirra's is the last stop for me this year, so I'm hoping to finnish strong! 

That's what I've been up to the last month! Sorry that I've been  a little disconnected, but it's been nice to chill for a bit! See you tomorrow I guess!!

Thanks for everything!!


3 Comments Morgan's massive update

  1. Allen skate park is whats up. I live in Kilgore Tx and I ride at Noble skate park in Tyler most of the time. but you cant get any better than allen skate park around here.

    Posted: 6 years ago,
  2. yeah i know the guys from germany I rode with volker a bit in summer 09

    Posted: 6 years ago,
  3. ha, good!!

    one lost german
    Posted: 6 years ago,

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