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Dropkick Interview: Scruffy Wallace

Nov 6 2009 / Friday

Scruffy Wallace interview

Interviewer/Matt Chapman:

Okay, so Scruffy Wallace, what is your full name?
Scruffy the Living Terrorist Wallace (laughing).

And how long have you been with The Dropkick Murphys?
I have been a Dropkick Murphy well, my whole life, but I’ve been in the band officially about almost seven years. It will be seven years in January.

Cool. What did you do before that? Didn’t you say that you were in the military?
I was in the military for about seven years, in the infantry eleven, Bravo. After I got out of the army and went to school I joined the ironworkers union and became a pipe setter. And then I got the call from the band and I’ve been playing the pipes and the tin whistles ever since.

How long have you been playing the pipes?
I’ve been playing the pipes about 21 years. I started when I was about 16. So, a little while. A little while. (Laughing).

How is traveling and everything? Didn’t you just recently have a child?
Uh, yeah! I have a 10-month-old son named Callum John William who is also a little maniac. He rips around the house all day. My wife and I just got a house, here in Boston, and I just got off the road two days ago from a European tour. And we had a blast; it was awesome. We played with some great bands, hung out with some cool cats and drank some beers, and you know. Now we’re home and I got a little time off, going to record a new record and see what happens after the summer. I think we are going to be out your way, California way, and then a Canadian tour in November, starting on the 2nd or 3rd of November, this year. So, it should be pretty cool.

Have you guys started recording this new album?
No, no. We are just in the process of writing. Our fearless leader Ken Casey is currently pulling his hair out, strand by strand, trying to mix and master the live record that we just finished over the St. Patrick’s Day, eight-day extravaganza in Boston. We recorded all those shows so we’re going to release a live record with a bonus DVD and that should be out around the Fall time… like right around when we start this next tour.

Oh, right on. Perfect. How is it being on the road that much? I mean, don’t you go out for two, three months at a time, or longer?
Well, you know we used to go out for long stretches of time, but half the guys in the band have families now so it’s honestly slowed down to a couple of weeks. We usually go out no longer than three weeks. And then we usually take a couple weeks off and then we go out again. It’s kind of a double-edged sword, you know when you’re out on the road you miss home like crazy, and then when you’re home you start going stir-crazy to get back on the road. So, it’s a very interesting lifestyle and it’s afforded me and blessed me with the ability to just stay home and concentrate on my family. And then when I’m on the road concentrate on just the music. So it’s good both ways, I guess.

Yeah. So you are an etnies fan…
Oh! I’ve been an etnies fan like pretty much, I used to skate… not very well… I’m a pretty shitty street skater, but I’ve always worn etnies. I’ve always worn the Cinch; it’s my shoe. I always love it; it’s just so comfortable, it’s like little pillows on my feet. For skating purposes and just for comfort and walking around they’re just—I won’t wear anything else. I will not wear anything else. And I thank Jordan Burns to this day for hooking me up with you guys.

Perfect. Jordan with Strung Out.
Jordan with Strung Out, yes. Those guys are excellent friends; Good guys, good music, good dirt bike rider.

I don’t know about that, but he enjoys himself.
I like to be pleasant towards people. (Laughing)
That’s funny. So what are some of your favorite bands that you guys have played with?
Against Me! is definitely one of them, Strung Out obviously, Slayer is my favorite all-time. I mean the list goes on and on. Over in Europe we played festivals with bands like Metallica. Not that I’m a fan of the new stuff, but old school Metallica obviously. Growing up as a kid and skating you’re listening to that stuff, and Suicidal and Bad Brains and the list goes on and on. Again, being out on the road and being able to play with a thousand different bands, it’s so hard to list, but I would have to say definitely Against Me! and Slayer are my two favorites that I’ve actually got to hang out with and play with and socialize with.

So what else do you enjoy doing other than basically playing music and spending time with the family? Do you have any other hobbies you look forward to… or watch golf?

Well, Kenny is again our fearless leader, he kind of imposes his golf will upon us, so I got to watch the Masters while we were on the Offspring tour last month. It’s alright to watch, but I enjoy more outdoor kind of stuff like mountain biking, skating and snowboarding. Growing up in the Rockies it’s kind of second nature to go out and ride in the snow. Like I said, not too good of a skater but I still like to do it. I’m obviously not doing flippy tricks anymore, but it’s good to get on it once in a while and go push around and hear the clickety-clack underneath my feet.

Right on. Anything else you wanted to add?
Whenever you want anything from me just let me know. Like I said, its not just footwear to me, it’s a part of my person. You ask anyone that can tell you, like three-quarters of my suitcase is etnies stuff. I just believe in it and that’s why I love wearing it so much. It’s just really cool to be able to represent on a bigger level than maybe even professional skaters might be able to because I have a bigger audience to do it to. A bigger stand I guess. It’s just cool, when I do interviews I do them in etnies shirts, or I wear etnies shoes or if I go on TV, like national television, I wear etnies shirts. For me it’s not just about wearing the clothes, it’s about the lifestyle that goes around the company.

Well thank you sir!
Well thank you sir!!

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