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JJ Palmere can drop kick you...

Oct 20 2009 / Tuesday

JJ Palmere in Barcelona
Photos by Chris Marshel

JJ just got home and already sent a rundown of his trip:

So i recently just went on a trip to Barcelona, Spain with Garrett Augi and a bunch of my other friends. We went out there to ride and film for Garret's video, Deadline. For those of you who don't know what Deadline is or means, it really isn't a team or a company even though we plan to make clothes. We don't like the word team so, to us, it's our crew and we are all family.

Just from going on this trip, I can tell the video's going to come out really good and I am excited to see the outcome. We all got good stuff in Barcelona and the trip was definitely one I'm going to remember for a lifetime. For those who haven't been to Barcelona, if you're thinking about going, it's def worth it. The city is built to ride and sk8... some of the most amazing spots I've ever seen. I'd like to thank our tour guides, Juan and Fernando, for showing us such a great time. We did a lot of riding, partying and more riding. We got in a huge fight outside of a club and i drop kicked a big ass dude. There were 10 of them and 6 of us. Our friend, Jesse, got jumped so that's how the whole thing stated. We all did some good damage. My bike got stolen at a buffet so that sucked but it was the 2nd to last day so it wasn't too bad... either way it sucked. Our friend, Colin, tore ligaments in his arm trying a crazy tooth hanger. Even though some bad shit happened, it was still an amazing trip. Thanks, Garrett.

- jj

JJ Palmere Spain

6 Comments JJ Palmere can drop kick you...

  1. your bike is nice ?bike lng ?ehhehehe ?joke

    rich sanopao
    Posted: 6 years ago,
  2. So when you drop kicked the dude, were you wearing Etnies? I kicked a dude in the nutsack while wearing Etnies. It was sweet!

    Posted: 6 years ago,
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