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Jan 28 2009 / Wednesday

Jose... take it easy, will ya?


2 Comments OWCH!

  1. is that his knee?

    Posted: 7 years ago,
  2. alright. i believe that ,by coincidence, the karate kid was practicing with master miyagi when all of a sudden marty mcfly and doc (the guys from back to the future) flew by and hit the karate kid. since he was practicing with master miyagi the karate kid had the chest of an elk, the heat of a tigon, and the head of one of those head-butting rams so he wasn't killed in the crash. he sat there chillin' on the hood of the time machine for a while until they popped into another deminsion where they saw some rad shredder. marty mcfly and doc slammed on the brakes causing the karate kid to fly off the hood of the car. by instinct he pulled a triple flipper kicker curb stomp so that he would break through any walls he might collide into. he then impacted something harder than any wall he'd ever felt.... it was rojo's knee, shoulder, breast, ball or whatever that is. the karate kid exploded on impact but of course rojo lived it out with just this minor scratch and flamingly hot battle scar.

    chubby bunny
    Posted: 7 years ago,

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