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Get Your GvR Tix!

Sep 23 2008 / Tuesday

GvR's comin'! And with it comes the mudslinging and podiatric bravado rarely seen anywhere else. Don't miss the action as Team Goofy and Team Regular battle it out on the course and later gather together around the live stylings of Bad Religion. The private concert is free with the price of admission! Starting September 25th, you can get your GvR tickets at select etnies retailers all over SoCal. Check the GvR site for a full ticket drop schedule!

etnies gvr goofy vs regular bad religion

3 Comments Get Your GvR Tix!

  1. i cant go cuz i live on the east coast and nothing ever happens here =[

    kimberly O
    Posted: 6 years ago,
  2. Do you know how to have fun on your Skateboard?

    Sometimes when someone asks you a question, you have to respond with a question right back at them…..If someone asks you in a derogatory way “hey what tricks can YOU do?” ….Try ignoring their question…let your skating do the talking, and ask them “Do you know how to have fun on your Skateboard?”

    Skateboarding, in my old as dirt opinion.. should always only be about having fun. I don’t care what kind of skating you’re doing, if you’re having fun, you’re skating….if you are out there trying to impress other skaters with your tricks or teasing other kids for not “Skating as good as you” that’s not all that cool…actually kinda lame …If someone we’re to ask me what I’d like to see in Skateboarding….I would say just go out and have fun…be creative..who cares what other people think…..”who’s more foolish the fool or the fool who follows”??? Go out skate..think of cool tricks or just cruise down the street…..some people might know every tech trick, but they can’t just cruise…if you are skating for the right reasons…you’re having fun, if you’re out there trying to be the best skater with all the sickest tricks and making fun of everyone else in the process…then you’re in it for the wrong reasons and you don’t understand skating for how I think it was meant to be…it’s not a competition when you are out there with your friends….so think about it…do you know how to have fun on your skateboard?…that’s the best trick in your bag if you do.

    Posted: 6 years ago,
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