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Win etnies shoes & Stalefish!

Aug 11 2008 / Monday


Our good friend, Sean Mortimer, has a new book out and we are giving a few copies away along with some free etnies shoes!

About Stalefish:

How is professional skateboarding different from, say, professional golfing? More scabs, for one. And is skateboarding actually a sport? In Stalefish, veteran journalist and former sponsored skater Sean Mortimer interviews Rodney Mullen, Steve Olson, Tony Hawk, Stacy Peralta, Jamie Thomas, Lance Mountain, Tommy Guerrero, Mike Vallely, Dave Hackett, Daewon Song, Jim Fitzpatrick, Steve Alba, Kevin Harris, Bob Burnquist and Chris Haslam search of answers, and to discover what drove them and millions of disenfranchised youth to obsession with empty pools, sewer ditches and handrails. This book may not settle the sport versus subculture versus cult debate, but with stories of skate-induced ulcers, skatepark torture, ramp arson, trespassing, the birth punk and more, it captures like other how skateboarding can derail your life in a beautiful way.


Sean Mortimer was a sponsored skateboarder in the late ’80s. He is the former editor of SkateBoarder magazine and the author of HAWK Occupation: Skateboarder with Tony Hawk and The Mutt: How to Skateboard and Not Kill Yourself with Rodney Mullen. He lives in Southern California.


A classic collection of skateboarding lore and legend straight from the heart of icons created it.”
– Juice magazine

“Skateboarding’s formative years and milestones eroded before they were documented. Stalefish captures those stories in a way skateboarders old and new can relate to. A necessary book.”
– TransWorld SKATEboarding

So how do you win? Easy. Best three comments about why you love or hate to read win. First place gets a free pair of etnies shoes and a copy of Stalefish signed by Tony Hawk, Dave Hackett, Kevin Harris, Lance Mountain, Rodney Mullen and Mike Vallely. Second and third place still get a book and shoes, just no autographs. Good luck!


17 Comments Win etnies shoes & Stalefish!

  1. I love to read because it leaves everything to the imagination. It also is not passive, as a reader you must actually do some work to consume the literature at hand. I believe this makes reading more rewarding than most other means of information digestion. It kinda mirrors skateboarding in that respect and why I'll always stick by both.

    Posted: 6 years ago,
  2. i read a book about Rodney Mullen and it made me want 2 get out there and sk8 everyday. that book made me understand what sk8ers in the past had 2 go through. reading these books about sk8ers showed me that even when there r hard times u still go out n sk8, because u love it!!

    Kimberly O
    Posted: 6 years ago,
  3. Hey..I love to read, but i love to skate more. So why don't combinate it? I skate every day, and I really want a book about it. Even if i don't win (the chanses are small) i think i gonna' buy it. I've skated for a while now, but i have read since I was 3 and a half. Hope I get a chanse to read this book!

    Ine Lofthus Arnesen
    Posted: 6 years ago,
  4. i love to read because there's always a good story. You can write about anything, about anywhere, anytime. I also love how there are so many different stories, and it's a way to get your story out there. Plus some of the best stories and history have been put into books. Some of them unforgetable like Shakespeare, Jane Austin, and Curious George. Reading is fun too, and plus great literature will go on forever.

    Posted: 6 years ago,
  5. Reading challenges the way you think and look at the world. It helps you develop into a more knowledgeable human being that will hopefully instigate progress in our world. Skaters that read have so much freedom and power, and will be more likely to get shit done in the industry.

    But reading takes away from skate time...

    I would combine the two, but it is difficult to skateboard and read at the same time. I guess reading about skateboard is just about as good as it's going to get. Plus it's important to know your skate history.

    I am no betty.
    Posted: 6 years ago,
  6. Maybe I'm just a real sk8er & have "ADHD" but I like to look at the pictures... :o) Feel it, live it, experience it, LIFE!

    Posted: 6 years ago,
  7. Hi, Interesting contest! Most of the time I love to read. I read all types of genres of books! Fiction, non-fictions, fantasy, historicals, romance, etc. My two sons were very much into skateboarding for quite awhile. For the most part, I read to learn about things I am not familiar with. Other cultures,
    different kinds of people, sports and the world. Learning about what makes people tick is interesting to me. Please enter me in your book drawing. I appreciate it. Thanks, Cindi

    Posted: 6 years ago,
  8. I love to read but skating is better.
    If we didn't have books or anything we would get stuck with our homework. Plus it is also cool to read non-fiction books because i have a book about heaps of x games superstars and you get to learn about them.
    Thanks, Mitchell

    Posted: 6 years ago,
  9. Reading is not like many say boring... It is inspiring and you can use your imagination while you reading.
    when I was younger I did not read at all, but now I realize that it's good to read and I love It now!
    I red a swedish book about skateboarding and It was amazing! Thank you for giving me this apportunity to be in this competition, thank you!

    Posted: 6 years ago,
  10. Reading can be anything you want, the unreal can transform into to the real. It paints a picture so detailed that you suddenly zone out and awaken from your imagination. It can be anything you want to be, anyone you want, travel anywhere, and do things that you might not really be able to do.

    Posted: 6 years ago,
  11. Reading is the best thing! Without reading where would we be? It's useful and is very important to everybody! Keep on reading people! SKATE OR DIE!

    Posted: 6 years ago,
  12. i think that reading is great because it gives you a bigger imagination. a bigger imagination makes you so much more creative on the board, which is progressing skateboarding. progression of skateboarding is what this book is all about, and is arguably the most important part about skateboarding other than the act of skateboarding itself!

    Posted: 6 years ago,
  13. Reading gives exercise to the brain, the eyes and the memory. Knowledge sticks in the brain better when it's taken in through written form. Reading also gives you an opportunity to put your own spin on the story being told. You can choose to see what's going on the way you want to see it.

    Brad Sasser
    Posted: 6 years ago,
  14. it doesn't work!

    Posted: 6 years ago,
  15. I love to read because it sets my mind on that one topic and I can see and imagine what is happening in the book. Reading is enjoyable and relaxing-no matter what kind of day I'm having, it makes me happy. Now ask me about skating. It rocks!

    Posted: 6 years ago,
  16. I love to read because it gives sense of pride and enjoyment,whenever I step on a book,its like nothing else matters in the world.I call up my friends,we go reading around the city.sometimes we learn some new words.Some of us are better than others,but it doesnt matter.we all just love t read!

    Posted: 6 years ago,
  17. i love to read because it is a way to let your mind roam free reading also alows you to expand your imagination which makes a better skater so all in all i love to read because it expands my imagination making me a better skater and in the end thats all that matters that and family

    Posted: 5 years ago,

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