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Aaron Ross Says Hi

Jun 26 2008 / Thursday

First time for everything... Aaron checks in:

Yo to everyone that's going to read this,

I thought I would do my first update in a long time... or maybe the first one ever. I have no idea. Anyway, the past few weeks I have been all over the place... went to Mexico on a Sunday trip, then from there to family vacation for the 21st year straight, did some swimming and hanging out on the river, came home for a few days, then went to Corpus Christi for a week and a half, had a blast, rode and skated everyday and saw all my old high school buddies, had some fun. Hungout with the family, which is always nice, then on the way home from Corpus, I stopped in San Antonio to race bmx and that was super fun. It was a good night. There were a bunch of people out there; it was not a race night but it was a good time. Then I got home and slept in my bed which was sweet...

I woke up the next morning and my new phone came in the mail!!!! Hungout at Empire all day then the day kinda went south that night. I have never had anything stolen or broken into in my life—well, that i know of—and last night I talked to Povah and he said, "do a little update for the site," and all that. And I was all, "I have no idea what to type, I suck at this." Well, if I had known that 5 hours later I would have something to talk about, I would have been all for it. But anyway, it was about 11:30 and my roommate wanted to go to the store, and its, like, 3 blocks away and I did not want to walk. I was tired and wanted to drive. Well we walked and in the 20 min we were gone, my car was broken into and the only thing that was taken was a purse... and my bike was in the back and 2 ipods in the cup holders and the keys to my car in the cup holder too! I have always left my keys in the car and just carried the little clicker thing and yea well they did not steal the bike or the ipods and I still have a car but there's glass everywhere and I don't wanna deal with it... but it will be fixed and all better tomorrow.

Anyway, sorry you had to read my horrible typing and grammar but hope you liked it somewhat and if not oh well, here's some pictures to go with it all.

Enjoy and have a good day,


aaron ross etnies bmx
aaron ross etnies bmx
aaron ross etnies bmx
aaron ross etnies bmx
aaron ross etnies bmx
aaron ross etnies bmx
aaron ross etnies bmx
aaron ross etnies bmx

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