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Mute Math Interview Part IV

Feb 27 2008 / Wednesday

etnies blog image

Unfortunately this is the last installment of our interview with Mute Math, we will be putting the interview up in its entirety in the next week on Mute Math's artist page. Enjoy!

Are the songs you write 100% Mute Math or do the record companies have any say on how your songs sound?

Yeah record companies that do that should only be doing that for artists who want the help. That’s why we created our own label, because we wanted to be left alone. When it’s time to create, you don’t want people breathing down your neck telling you what to do or what to say. That chokes the life out of creating music in the first place.

We wanted to create an environment where we could just do our thing and we think we have with Teleprompt and Warner. The goal is to create something that is compelling enough and everyone can rally around it, and then present it to the world, which is how record labels started in the beginning.

Labels were there to help the artist and somehow, through the development of the music industry and big bucks, record companies started creating artists to reach their audience. It wasn’t about trying to find the artist audience; it was about trying to find the record labels audience. That’s when things get dirty and we don’t make music like that, we don’t know how to make music like that. So to help us, we created Telepromt. It’s the best thing we could have done and we make the music we want to make and we say what we want to say.

I heard you guys are tight with Eisley? How did that come about?
Eisley is a great band and are hugely underrated. I remember when we were first starting out we played the Warner Bros. Christmas Party Showcase. At the time WB was still sizing us up to see if they wanted to work with us. We played a disastrous show and all the record execs were there. Thank God there was a lot of alcohol involved, but we sucked. It was really bad. When we were finished with our set no one would even look at us and I’ll tell you what, we went to the back corner and who do you think is there but Eisley. They were the only people that would talk to us. They introduced themselves and were the whole cheering, sisterly kind of compassion that we needed. Ever since then we have had a bond with them and two years later we got to play some shows together.

When you are on tour are you guys healthy or do you visit the local Dairy Freeze in each town?
I’ll tell you what, we try to be healthy. I set out at the beginning of every tour to be healthy because there is nothing worse than getting sick on the road and as a singer it sucks to be sick. I get sick at some point on every tour. I’m determined to break that streak and be healthy all the way through. Roy is pretty good, but the rest of us are slackers.

Who would win in a fight, Matchbox Twenty or Alanis Morissette?
Have you heard Jagged Little Pill? Don’t mess with Alanis, she will hand your ass to you.

What’s the best activity to do while listening to your music? Skateboarding?
No I wouldn’t skateboard, that’s a recipe for disaster. Have you ever heard of those shot-put things that you make yourself in a little ball and get into this little two-seater - you can go with a friend, then you strap on the harness. It’s basically a gigantic slingshot. A couple of your friends pull you down and then shoot you into the air. You kind of go back and forth for a while. Next time you do one of those take your iPod with you and play a little Mute Math and watch as the adrenaline overtakes you.

Do you think your music would go well in a skateboard video?
I don’t know, I’ve never seen our music in a skateboard video. I’ve heard our songs in a lot of snowboard videos. They love to use our song “Reset”. I don’t know if there is a rivalry in those two sports, where if one uses a song then the other one won’t touch it. Is that the case?

No, it all transfers for the most part. Maybe skateboarders need to take a seat in the human slingshot. Besides touring how did you get the band to the public when you first started?
We milked MySpace for everything it was worth. Inviting people on MySpace set up the first tour we ever did. We would see what kind of music they were into and send them an invite to come see us. The Internet just pushed us to think out of the box.

Are your parents Mute Math fans?
My parents? Oh they’ve come around. I think my dad genuinely likes us. My mom doesn’t. She tolerates it because she likes me. My grandfather who is a great entertainer made a cameo on our New Orleans show at Voodoo Fest. He came out and played the Ukulele. While he was on-stage we interviewed him and he candidly pointed out that our music is not necessarily his thing. Our family has a good time with it.

Where haven’t you toured that you would like too?
Japan, which we are supposed to play soon, we are really excited for Japan.

Well that’s about it. You got anything else you would like to say?
Thank you for all the shoes, they really helped with the Typical video. You guys kept hooking us up and we really needed them. We kept going through them like toilet paper.

Be sure to check Mute Math's new collab denim!

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