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Deegan Interview Part 2!

Dec 26 2008 / Friday

brian deegan etnies interview

Quit crying; here it is... Part 2 of our exclusive Deegan interview.

If you could have a super power what would it be?
I dunno, probably something like I could fly.

What’s like the biggest thing that you dislike about the moto industry?
Dislike about the moto industry? Just that there’s not a ton of loyalty, ya know? The next big thing.

You’ve had some people skip out on you and stuff?
Yeah, well just everyone is onto who’s gonna make them money.

Yeah. You’ve had a couple sponsors that have been pretty loyal to you?
Oh yeah for sure, and there are certain sponsors that I’ve stayed with for most of the time. I’d like to think that I’ve been with loyal riders and with my sponsors and sponsors have been the same. In bad times and the good times. Just like etnies. etnies is the main one I’ve been with the longest. There’s no other sponsor I’ve been with longer.

We’ll be there for a while. We aren’t going anywhere. What’s the worst trend you feel that’s going on at the moment?
Worst trend? The tight jeans with high tops. Fucking emo haircuts. Hip hop.

That’s a pretty good one.
Loza’s pants

What’s the last lie you told?
Last lie…. It’s um, usually it’s about what time I’m gonna be home. That’s the most recent one.

Knowing that you aren’t going to be there at that time…
That I was gonna call you back in an hour…

Yeah, that was a good one. So basically, with the interesting spot the world’s in right now, if there was something you could change about the world, what would that be and why?
The thing I would change the most is not sending innocent people over to fight in other countries for fucking oil. You know, that’s what I would change… like innocent Americans dying for oil. For money you know? That’s just greed. I’d try to make shit more environmentally safe. You can run cars off of sugar cane now… or water. Why aren’t they doing it?

So you’re against the war in Iraq I take it?
Yeah, I’m against it. I don’t think there’s any purpose for it. People are dying for George Bush’s oil money, you know?

But now that we’re there, do you think we should just pack up and split and leave them where they are? Or do you think we should stay and help them out a bit?
I think you’re helping a country that’s been around way longer than we have and that’s been fighting over religion and is never gonna be a civil. It’s just gonna be the same, you know, the way they’ve been for years… before we’ve been around. I think they should just pack up and leave dude. We should just worry about how we’re gonna run our country on a more environmental field. Yeah. I’m over war, unless we get attacked and protect ourselves. That’s one thing. Like Pearl Harbor. But for us to go blow people up and claim it’s for democracy when it’s really just to get oil… its just bullshit.

brian deegan etnies interview

Give us a good story about Todd Potter.
Probably the funniest thing about Todd Potter is him flipping off the camera the most and getting fined five grand for it.

And not being allowed to ride the rest of the Dew Tours?
That was pretty funny. Todd’s other classic one is him crashing their mom’s thunderbird into the neighbor’s house.

Or almost burning Twitch’s house down.
Yeah, or starting Twitch’s house on fire with the caps in the fire place. Blowing the fucking chimney off.

You got a good story about Twitch?
Twitch, yeah I guess like, I dunno. Twitch stories would be like back in the day when he used to run crazy with Collin and… I think he was just a punk kid that used to play a lot of pranks on everyone. I know at one point we locked Kenny Bartram in his trailer at a freestyle event and he couldn’t get out.

Admit something embarrassing from your past or that you really don’t like talking about.
Probably having a mullet and the mullet was bleached. A permed mullet in high school.

Yeah. That was the cool shit back then.
Now it’s embarrassing. Or my first car was a VW Rabbit pickup… bright yellow. That was pretty embarrassing. I put rims on it.

It got you around though huh?

If you could give up-and-coming youngsters some advice, what would it be?
In freestyle… in pretty much everything in life… treat people how you want to be treated. That’s kind of the deal you know?

Do that and stay loyal.
Yeah. Exactly.

Anything that you’d like to throw in there?
I’d just say stay tuned for the Mulisha etnies shoe coming out. Our ten-year anniversary! It’s a big deal for us. It’s cool that I’ve been with etnies as long as Mulisha’s been around.

2 Comments Deegan Interview Part 2!

  1. yeah its a good thing that brian didnt say what todd potter is really like

    Posted: 7 years ago,
  2. none of u want to know what todd is really like then he'll have no friends at all

    Posted: 7 years ago,

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