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Aamion Interview

Dec 8 2008 / Monday

Aamion Goodwin recently blew out his knee surfing giant Pipeline. After getting sidelined in the middle of the Hawaii season, Aamion is not stoked to be sitting out and rehabbing. etnies TM Dave Boehne caught up with Aamion to see what really went down and what he's been up to since his accident.

aamion goodwin etnies surf

Dave: Not such Happy Holidays all of a sudden huh?
Aamion: Well I guess I'll be spending a little more time with my 7 month old son given, pretty excited about that.

Dave: Explain what happened on that wave so all of us regular Joe's can live vicariously through your pipe charging ways.
Aamion: Well She was a perfect Pipe wave and I was in the perfect spot to ride her, right behind the boil from deep. I drew my line and when I started to come off the bottom i could see someone pushing the lip down on the shoulder of the wave, at that point i thought no way this guy is going to drop in on me, but to my surprise he did. He flailed on the drop, skipped down the face and him and his huge 8 foot board blocked my exit. My options were simple, keep my existing line and run straight into the guy, which could have killed him or draw the low line straight into the lip. I drew the low line and now im out of the water for 6 months, "KILLER". This is why you don't drop in at Pipeline always look back and if you're deaf look back at least 5 times. (you can watch a video clip of this wave on

aamion goodwin etnies surf

Dave: So what exactly is wrong with your knee? Is it bad?
Aamion: I Tore my ACL, PCL and my miniscus... no bueno.

Dave: When do you hope to be back in the water?
Aamion: As soon as possible... I'm going to eat as healthy as possible, take all the right vitamins and rehab like a mad man. I plan on being in the best shape of my life when this is over.

Dave: What do you plan to do to rehab and stay busy?
Aamion: What ever the doctor orders. Lots of swimming

Dave: Will you video me all day since you are now dry docked? haha
Aamion: You're actually going to surf the north shore this time? remember there's reef over here.

Dave: Can you at least golf still? Maybe I can beat you now with only one leg?
Aamion: I don't know; I think I could break 150 with one leg, didn't you shoot like a 160 the last time we played?

Dave: Can I have your winter quiver?
Aamion: No worries. Have you ever ridden a board over 5'8"?

Dave: If I grow a beard, buy a caveman wig, ride your board, and wear your hurley trunks you think people will think I am you and I will catch a couple bombs at Pipe?
Aamion: Thats a good idea, you never know 'til you go.

Dave: Is this interview over?
Aamion: For now, many more to come. I'll keep you posted on my recovery. Oh ya, Boehne I forgot to tell you, Kala's Looking for you!

4 Comments Aamion Interview

  1. Miguel... Theres a lot I want to say, but I'll try to keep it short and sweet as my blood pressure is boiling after reading your email. First of all EVERYONE respects your brother... thats why he didn't get beat to the ground after he almost killed my husband! The truth is Miguel, a deaf guy (even Cody) should not be surfing at Pipe. It's a death defying wave and you and I both know that it takes peoples lives every year. Pipeline is dangerous enough as it is!! If he wants to go out there, take off in front of the boil and kill himself, that's his deal... but he's risking others lives in the process!! Someone needs all 5 senses working out there!!! Not to mention Aamion wasn't the first guy Cody dropped in on that day! Also Aamion has been out there for almost 15 years, but this isn't about "who has surfed there longer" Miguel, it's about life and death. The life gaurds told me they thought someone had died when they saw the wipeout!! Do you realize that is the reality of this?!?!? Honestly I'm pretty disapointed with you Miguel... you and I both know there are NO waves "just like Pipe" and for you to kick a guy when he's down says a lot about you. Aamion has never bad mouthed your brother (doesn't even mention his name in all the interviews), he knows about respect... he's probably the most respectful person I know. That is why the industry is pissed, b/c Aamion is one of the nicest, most respected surfers there is. He's showed up to several of Cody's benefits in California out of "respect"!! Please realize that's why my husband is hurt... b/c he drew the low line so he wouldn't smash into your brother!! I've known Cody most of my life and I've always loved him, but he should know better... especially b/c he's been surfing out there for 20+ years. Truth is my husband could be out of the water for up to a year!! The reason he isn't getting dropped from his sponsors is b/c he is loved in the industry, and works SOOO hard! The up side is that yes, he does get to have some amazing family time at home and experience things he would have missed... but he is still hurt!!! You surprise me Miguel... So many people told me that you were concerned about Aamion and that you even wanted to bring us meals on wheels!!! Shame on you!!

    Daize Goodwin
    Posted: 7 years ago,

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