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Evelien's LA Trip

Oct 21 2008 / Tuesday

We imported Evelien... from Belgium to LA for last month's GvR of Skate. We even got her to write a travel journal entry, photos and all, to take us through each day of her trip. Check it out... and don't forget to enter the etnies & Evelien Giveaway!

Start date of trip: 1st of October – 10th OF October
Traveling companions: AXEL CRUYSBERGHS and his mom, OLI BOURGIN etnies Europe team manager
Goal of trip: GVR 08 and Hang Outs

evelien bouilliart la trip etnies gvr

Day 1
evelien bouilliart la trip etnies gvr

We all got up early to get to the airport on time. It was raining all morning and I was afraid that our flight would be delayed or canceled. But everything went as planned and we sure were hyped to go to LA.

I’m sure I’m one of the biggest dorks on this planet (pictures prove it all), but still I guess I’m livin my life the way I want and being silly makes me have lots of fun.

Anyways we were flying with Swiss Air and I’ve never flown with them to a far destination. I’ve gotta say that it was a really pleasant flight. I did have Axel with me and he’s lots of fun and an awesome skater.

We played Tetris on our lil tv screen cuz we could play against each other while sittin in our own seats. It was hilarious.

evelien bouilliart la trip etnies gvr

Also, we were bored of sitting down and chilled in the back of the plane... dancing, laughing and, I think, being loud. Some of the passengers were giving us weird faces! At this one time I was chillin' in my seat and Axel came by. He was leaning on the seat of another passenger and he wanted to put his arm on it again and was leaning on the passengers head! I’ve gotta say that was one of the most funny things I’ve ever seen. We were laughing for a whole while cuz it was soooooooooo funny. Hahaha. Yeah the passengers hated us. At least we had fun!

We tried to take naps in between and watch movies when we felt like it. I watched the Indiana Jones movie and I liked it. Good looking people are always nice to look at. I also watched a movie called the Son of Rambow about these kids that are making a video and doing crazy stuff like jump outta trees and roll down hills. It was pretty nice as well.

evelien bouilliart la trip etnies gvr

evelien bouilliart la trip etnies gvr

evelien bouilliart la trip etnies gvr

After a while I couldn’t wait to get out of the plane. It makes me stress out and I have to control myself. Hehe. We had two more hours to go and I was stoked that we were close. I thought to myself to take more sleepy time and hoped when I woke up that we would be there already.

evelien bouilliart la trip etnies gvr

When we arrived, a friend of mine was gonna pick me up because I was gonna stay at her house. So I left Axel, his mom and Oli behind; hey had a ride with someone else. The first day jet lag was kickin' in and I passed out a lil after I got to my friend's house.

Second day, I think I woke up pretty early and I was a lazy ass for a while. Couldn’t really function properly because jet lag can be a bee-otch sometimes. Watched tv, took naps and at night we went to a party and I got in! But shhhht don’t tell anyone. Haha.

The day after that I felt hungover, and didn’t do a lot either, just get on LA track and chill. By the way, it was really hot outside, and I'm not used to it. I’m hella white and I burn fast but don’t really get a tan. Too bad… haha.

On Friday, I drove with Vanessa to Ryan Dewitt’s (Element Team Manager) forest crib and stayed over so we could drive to Lake Forest in the morning.
I finally had a good night of sleep and woke up with gross stuff in my eyes. I was wondering what it was... and it was PINK EYE!!!!

I never had it before but it is grossss and everybody that would come in my area would get it. We went to the contest and I tried to get some practice in with no food in my stomach. I felt like skating was goin' pretty good. But when the contest started I felt soooo bad… sooo sick (I should have eaten something). The thing that sucked is I had to skate first in the first heat. So the contest started... first trick I do, I roll my ankle. But didn’t really care and skated. Yeah, it didn’t go that well… probably worse contest that I skated EVER. Anyways don’t let me ruin your vibes. The music was weird but I dance whenever I feel like it. I did feel bad that I didn’t do that well, because I really wanted to do good. Disappointed myself but life goes on, right?

The rest of my trip I got to hang out with Vanessa Torres, my other friends and met cool new people. I enjoyed LA so much that I decided that I am going to go back for two months. I’m going for vacation and to try to focus on my skating more... shooting pictures and getting some footage done.

Anyways that was my trip! Hope you liked my story!

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