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Club Tattoo Interview Series, Part 5

Jan 14 2008 / Monday

etnies blog image

An interview with Club Tattoo's Sean and Thora Dowdell (Cont'd from Part 4)

RB: So, I want for each of you…what was your first tattoo…what’s your favorite and do you have any that you sort of regret or laugh about?

*Thora laughs

SD: My first tattoo was a sixteen-year-old’s stupid mistake. I got a fake ID to get a tattoo; how lame is that? And I got a skull cutting his own head off. It was the very first thing I got covered up…

*Thora laughs

SD:…When I opened up a tattoo shop…my favorite tattoo is my tattoo of Quan Yen here that Walter did. He’s kind of Chester and my favorite artist here. He does a lot of stuff for both of us. And this tattooed Buddha up here…this whole sleeve would be my favorite tattoo and tattoos that I regret would have been the one that I already covered up.

RB: Right on

TD: My first tattoo was a (unintelligible) off the wall and it was a tribal sacred heart and it is about to get covered next week …

Unknown voice: By a picture of my face…

TD: Right *laughing

SD: *laughing

TD: I actually…I have a lot of little pieces on my back and I’m going for a full mural on my back. I’ve scheduled about eighty hours to get it complete between now and September. So that’s my next new passion--to cover a lot of different ideas that I had five-seven years ago, that I think can be improved upon…improved upon for sure. My favorite would be my peacock. This was really my coming of age in the tattoo world. To tattoo your arm, for a female I think more so than a male, I think it puts you in a whole different category that can be interpreted in a lot of ways so it took many years to come to the conclusion that I loved my art enough to bring it into the world to where I really couldn’t cover it up. And it became part of me so I really resonate a lot with having my arm tattooed now and I’m going to get ready to do more stuff soon and go from there.

RB: OK, last question, other than growing Club Tattoo and success, do each of you have goals outside of tattooing that you would like to achieve? You know…anything else that you would like to do in life other than the Club Tattoo thing?

SD: Well, Club Tattoo has become more than just having a business or having a tattoo shop. It kind of tackles a lot of goals. It’s tackling the goal of having your own shoe; it’s tackling the goal of having your own jewelry line; it’s tackling the goal of having business on the strip in Vegas; it’s tackling the goal of having our own clothing line. I mean, there’s a lot of goals that wrap up all into that thing…so what do I want to do outside of club Tattoo…

TD: Be with me…


SD: Umm…I’m pretty sure…Uh….


SD: I’ll leave it at that


TD: What else do we have? We have our businesses and we have each other…(laughter)
He’s actually a pretty good cook. I’m a pretty good cook too…

SD: Well actually that’s what I did before when I was (unintelligible) I was a cook so…I love to cook.

TD: The Club Tattoo brand…

SD: (interrupts Thora) You know what I want to do…I want to open a business in a foreign country…that’s what I want to do

RB: Any specific country?

SD: England, France, Mexico…all of ‘em…ya know…

TD: We could bring our…

SD: Brand or ideas…

TD: Our ideas and we could kill it (unintelligible) and maybe one day we’ll be there.

SD: You know what? I want to get my pilots license too.

TD: Ohhhhh, don’t bring that up…no…the flying thing…I can’t

SD: She doesn’t want me to do that…I’ve been thinking about it for about two years now…

TD: (unintelligible talking over Sean)

SD: I’m gearing up, gearing up…going to happen.

etnies blog imageRB: Well, that’s about it.

SD: All right, thanks.

TD: Thank you.

RB: Thank you.

SD: Cool, good interview.

RB: Thank you.

TD: Yeah, you’re awesome dude.

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