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Updates From Taj, Dustin & Ruben!

Jan 11 2008 / Friday



Been riding 9th, T-1 and street a lot lately. The weather's been pretty good, though a bit windy. Yesterday we had a big get together at T-1 with 40 or so kids from the Dirty South crew. They were so cool to see—just a load of nice kids who all get together and take a road trip together. This is their fifth year and it was bigger then ever. So cool to see friends out riding together at all ability levels—from double whips to skeptically rolling in, they were all having fun together. I really enjoyed hanging out with them and found them all to be so polite and inspiring.

The band played a bunch this month and we had a fun show on Thursday night that was cool. Right now I'm working on a little voiceover part for the Odyssey video Electronical, that should come out in the next few weeks. Can't wait to see everyone's part... Aaron Ross will have an awesome part for sure!


Went racing with Aaron Ross and it was a blast! Aaron is real fast of course. He flipped the gate on one of his motos though and didn't make the main. The guys in his class invited him to race the main anyway just for fun and he got second.

I was in the 28-and-over expert class and got the 3rd place trophy. Our friends Hanson Little and Jed were with us and they both got second in their classes—totally fun times.

Hope you're well,


I really like this picture (see above) because is very whip for a straight jump. Lately its been raining a lot in Malaga and we’ve been working a lot in two different trails so we start the year with the best conditions at the trails. We’ve been having really good sessions and lots of fun. Sorry if there’s not so much exciting stuff going on in my life these days.


dustinjulyDustin's arm

Yet again it seems like it's been way too long since I last talked at you. Life continues to keep it interesting as the rain keeps falling. When I last wrote, at the end of the summer, I had just gotten hit by a car and had hurt my elbow. My doctors told me I could get back on my bike after a week or so. I started riding again and after coming in from an air I landed kinda low and my arm gave out on me, ripping my other hand off my bars and tearing the ligaments in my thumb. This marked the end of my summer for riding and the beginning of physio on something small enough to keep me off my bike.

Nothing too eventful happened for a couple months as my days consisted of school, work and physio. October came around and Halloween with it. I dressed up as a hippy, which a lot of people didn't seem to think was a big change in character for me. I still don't know how to feel about that.

dustinghippyDamn hippies!

Then in November, while in school during mid-terms, I had the opportunity to have my brain waves monitored via an EEG that recorded my brain waves over three consecutive days. Considering I have had a couple knocks from riding it seemed like an interesting thing to try. The first day I went to the hospital and had my head measured to find some points of the brain that give off standardized info. Next I had about 20 electrodes glued to my head. They basically just glued my hair to my head. Right about that time I started wondering why I get myself into some things.

As they connected each electrode to my head I could see it start recording my brain waves on a computer. The doctor asked me to turn my head to the right and left, close my eyes and grind my teeth so they had an idea of what my brain waves looked like when I did different actions. The doctor then gave me a recorder that all the cables ran into, which was about the size of an old school tape player and weighed about ten pounds. On top of it, I had to write down anything that I did that consisted of movements lasting longer than five minutes.

dustinnov2Scientifical madness!

Needless to say, I was honest about everything. The best part about the whole thing was when I asked the doctor if I could live my life normally while I had this thing attached to me, his reply was, "You can live your life normally as long as your life doesn't consist of riding a bike everywhere." By now I was kicking myself and wondering why the hell I even signed up for this. I had to go back to the hospital for two days to get the tape changed so it could record another 24 hours of whatever my mind may have been doing.

After three days of that, I couldn't wait to get those things off my head and have a shower and did it ever feel good when I got the chance. It kinda felt like pulling a trailer around by your head. I haven't gotten any results back yet to see if or what they find but I'm glad it's over with.

dustinnovDonate yourself to science!

I just did Christmas with the family and am in the process of trying to figure out what to do for New Years. It's either going to be a road trip with my lady or going to Miron's party, either way it's bound to be fun. I hope everything is going well for you, you had a good Christmas and consider this a Happy New Year call-out if I don't talk at you before then.

Cheers and thanks a lot for everything in ‘07.


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