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Dustin Checks In!

Aug 24 2007 / Friday


So I'm riding to work the other day, down a hill with a car just in front of me. The guy is going kinda slow, so I was watching to see if he was going to turn. He wasn't signaling and once he got mid-way through the intersection I figured out he wasn't gonna turn.

Just as I made that decision and let go of my brakes he does an "Oh shit that is the corner I want!" kinda turn.

I didn't really have any options but lock up and slide into him. I wasn't going all that fast cause I was watching out for him to begin with, but I hit him hard enough to get stuck with him and get taken around the corner.

I was wearing a jacket and once I fell to the ground it was like a normal crash on a bike but one of his rear tires rolled over the edge of my forearm. As soon as I felt it I was convinced (you don't get that feeling and not have a broken arm.)

I got up, walked to the edge of the road and started moving my arm to see if I could still move it and see if there was anything that didn't feel right. I could move my arm okay but I could already feel it swelling up.

Now, after a week and a half I'm still dealing with physio but the only thing it seems came out of it was some road rash and a bruise that moved through my arm.

I’m crediting this one to the jacket I was wearing. My arm probably would've been a lot worse if it was straight rubber and pavement on it. This came just over two weeks after I broke my nose in three places too.

I must have a horseshoe up my ass or something. They say bad luck travels in threes so we'll see what happens next..,

‘til then,


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