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Team Update Madness!

Aug 14 2007 / Tuesday

21 Comments Team Update Madness!

  1. yes first! anyways Ryan's show is going to be the best :)

    Posted: 7 years ago,
  2. i can't believe his parents got divorced after a long marriage. i feel sorry for ryan and his brothers especially Kane.

    Posted: 7 years ago,
  3. wow i can't wait!!!!!!! if this is gonna be like VIVA LA BAM and have box sets out after i am so getting them!!!

    Posted: 7 years ago,
  4. Another bad MTV reality show like Viva la Bam. The only thing worth wathing on MTV is Rob and Big.

    Posted: 7 years ago,
  5. in one part of the trailer ryan is wearing an indy shirt. i thought he rode for silver

    Posted: 7 years ago,
  6. he gets paid by silver and silver doesnt know that he secretly rides indys. watch his first run in the baltimore dew tour. u can see b4 he goes hes skating indys secretly. hes playin silver for the money!

    Sheckler look alike
    Posted: 7 years ago,
  7. ryan sheckler is awesome i cant wait for his new show. love ya
    love skater girl

    skater chic
    Posted: 7 years ago,
  8. ahh yes we all knew it wuz coming ryans just proving all the haters points. u shoulda thought before u made a reality show

    Posted: 7 years ago,
  9. I heard that MTV didn't want ryan to do a show (he auditioned, but they chose rob & big instead) so ryan hired his own film crew and made a few shows, then sent them to MTV and they liked 'em, and they paid him BIG bucks for it. He's a smart businessman. How many millionaire 17 year old skateboarders do you know?

    Posted: 7 years ago,
  10. this show is gonna b hella rank

    K-LEEP L 0 o k A l i Ke
    Posted: 7 years ago,
  11. whhoo oooooo ooo i look l I K E SH eCYYYY


    gay C * N T L 0 o k A l i Ke
    Posted: 7 years ago,
  12. hahaha fuk sake wat has TV come too , to have to film skaters doin fuck all all day ! this show is gonna be the deffination of "shit stained knickers"
    im away to watch transformers !

    MonkeyBird Commander
    Posted: 7 years ago,

    Posted: 7 years ago,
  14. Wow i can't wait till his show comes out!!
    His little brother kane looks really sweet!!
    But i feel bad that his parents got divorced but bet its the hardest on his little brother kane...
    Luv ya Ryan!!!

    Posted: 7 years ago,
  15. hahahahaha what a fuckin cover shot. sheckler grow a dick and thats some fs flip boys!!

    big dlynn
    Posted: 7 years ago,
    Go Ryan

    Posted: 7 years ago,
  17. dag ryan je bent mij idool van belgium

    Posted: 7 years ago,
  18. son re lindos la dura me encantan los sk8

    ivonne & katty
    Posted: 7 years ago,
  19. im going to be as good as ryan sheckler

    Posted: 7 years ago,
  20. I am curious just what Larry will say about this???

    previjalna miza

    Posted: 4 years ago,
  21. I am curious exactly what Carlton thinks with that :P

    Fondest regards,

    moncler jackets

    Calvin Clement
    Posted: 4 years ago,

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