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Projekt Revolution!

Jul 30 2007 / Monday


etnies is a proud sponsor of Projekt Revolution this year and starting tomorrow in Chula Vista, CA, you can come hang with us at our booth, check out performances by Linkin Park and etnies artist, My Chemical Romance as well as watch skate and BMX demos from some of our riders! Also, stay tuned for a ton of new etnies and Club Tattoo/Chester Bennington interviews and giveaways happening really soon!



Curtis Rapp
Tony Silva
Kellen James


John Heaton
Adam Baker
Brett Walker

16 Comments Projekt Revolution!

  1. that whiteboy on the far right^^ looks a little like jason dill

    p.s sheckler is gay.

    Posted: 7 years ago,
  2. thats right, the homie brett walker and the other homie adam baker...pound crap!!!

    p.s. sheckler is the man, fuck the haters.

    Posted: 7 years ago,
  3. yea, of course..i called it, K-LEEP is checking out all the guys. its ok K-LEEP, everyone knows ur a pathetic little bitch who probly cant skate for shit. haha u amaze me of how pathetic and fucking gay u r

    Sheckler Look alike
    Posted: 7 years ago,
  4. K_leep,your game is old tired and week.Whats next?meat spin?Theres way more of us than you,and when its all said and done we will use your fat ass as a foot stool while we drink from your skull.Your time has come and gone.Welcome to THE NEW WORLD ORDER BITCH!

    Go Sheck!
    Posted: 7 years ago,
  5. OMG the revolution of the etnies blog......... im being overthrown by a bunch of sheckler groupies.

    This site has attracted so many queer cunts

    p.s check dis shit out - its my sponno vid. it will touch ur special area enjoi!

    Posted: 7 years ago,
  6. Thanks for the home movie of you and your dad.Better get that boil next to your streched out balloon knot checked out,or is it a friction burn?Come up with some new material you zima drinking poodle groomer.

    #1Sheckler fan
    Posted: 7 years ago,
  7. yea, K-LEEP just hates knowing hes wrong and hes nothing but a worthless piece of shit who no1 cares about. probly just takin it out on us just he didnt get any cock from his butt buddy the other night

    Sheckler Look alike
    Posted: 7 years ago,
  8. ummmmm, i pretty sure its just u postin shit about me sheckler look alike, only that u change ur name every so often to make it look like u have the numbers. ur just a sad lonely kid, that idolises a pro skater that frequently changes his style, changes sponsors every year and takes wierd photos of himself and posts them on the net. sheckler is a sell out and if u knew shit about skating then u would understand why every1 hates the little cunt. But most proably u started skating 3 months ago and u think that ur the 'shit'.... go bop somewhere else.

    Posted: 7 years ago,
  9. Dam right I cut him off!He came home drunk the other night from his NAMBLA meeting smelling of strange ass!

    Posted: 7 years ago,
  10. BUFFALO CUM!!!!!You guys sure do talk a lot of shit.Just shut up,quit your whining,and go out and skate.

    That one guy
    Posted: 7 years ago,
  11. Bring your ass out to Projekt Revolution and say "hi" to Sheckler in person if your lucky.
    Big Props to Shana Romano and Beth in NY.
    Worm, you are the best Security Ninja ever!

    Mortgage Guy
    Posted: 7 years ago,

    Natalie Wintemute
    Posted: 7 years ago,
  13. i seen u guys in detroit and i talked to all the bmx riders and they were pretty much awesome.....they even let me ride their bikes :P yea so u fuckin rocked!!!!

    Posted: 7 years ago,
  14. i was there taht day and it was sick. mcr tore that shit up and so did saosin. fucking awesome shit. and etnies gives out cool crap

    it was my birthday
    Posted: 7 years ago,
  15. i went to PR it was sick dude, were can i find pics from the etnies demo on here?

    Posted: 7 years ago,
  16. That concert was awesome!!! But I couldn't see My Chemical Romance because I had to go to fucking work!! I can't believe I missed you guy's!!! Ahhh maybe next year when you come to Colorado huh??? And the sad thing is that this was my first concert and I was so stooked!! Well I enjoyed it while it lasted!!!!

    Posted: 7 years ago,

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