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Jul 24 2007 / Tuesday


Chi didn't forget about us, he's just busy rockin on tour with Deftones still. Evidently he had some free time over the weekend 'cuz he sent in two updates!


Hello y'all

Got a bit waylaid bein' on the West Coast, then up throughout the Pacific Northwest and now in Canada. Had a nice time at home seein’ my son, the dogs, and the misses in Sacto for the Fourth of July. Spent many hours in Powell’s Bookstore in Oregon and would recommend it as the best bookstore in the US. Enjoyed Seattle and went to Pikes Place, then down to the waterfront for clam chowder at Ivars. Had a great time with Dir en Grey and The Fall of Troy, thank you both for the lovely time.

I got into Canada without the dogs or complimentary finger up my ass thanks to Stephen trying to bring weed in one time. "I don’t understand what it’s all about aye. Weed’s legal. Why would he want to sneak it in?"

Don’t trip; this is a real quote when they had us detained for hours. Anyhow, we're now in Canada. I love this country, though we are unfortunately experiencing a heat wave up here. I was hoping to get out of the fuckin’ heat but it followed us up here. Shows have been great and thank you for three sold out shows in Vancouver. I’m now going to go grab some coffee here in Edmonton, just wanted to drop a quick line for you to snort up.



Hello y'all

Reporting in from the frontlines of the great ‘n terrible year of our false lord G. Bush. The world has become a sad, segregated breeding ground of fear and loathing, but-we are not un-savable folks. Though Cheney and the new fourth Reich mafia will try to feed you otherwise, we can change this shitty dirt ball with some compassion.

I have spent the last three days here in Calgary. Its a very nice city and was full of faux cowboys for some stampede festival. Seemed cool and I almost changed into my cowboy alter ego Chet, but figured the folks have probably had enough of Chinese cowboys ‘n others.

Spent most of the days hiding out playing guitar, reading, writing, and watching a bit of cartoons (the only thing on the tube not feeding me lies or other such bullshit to dumb me down). Unfortunately the walls started to close in on me this morning and I had to venture out into the big world. I figured the Chinatown and a movie would be safe enough.

Walked 10 blocks down and got some dim sum. Ordered too much and took some to a homeless fellow. He was really grateful and I was glad. I then ran into a Tibetan store. All the proceeds went back to Tibet so I got some things and talked with the owner who was a Tibetan monk and studied with the Dali Lama. We talked of forgiveness and compassion, as I am reading the new Dali Lama book on forgiveness. It was beautiful and gave me faith that, with a little understanding and elbow grease, we can and must change this world. There are no one-sided chores, all kindness is reciprocal, and both should be practiced daily. I then went and saw Bruce Willis blow up a bunch of bad people and that was nice too. I would like to be a good Buddhist who can kill bad people. I'm not sure that’s allowed though. Anyhow, the point is… well, if you couldn’t find a point you ain't gonna, which makes you bad and either me or Bruce Willis will kill you when you least expect it.

I will end this by letting you know our fearless leader is building an embassy in his war prize Baghdad for a mere 600 million of our tax dollars. It will be the world’s most beautiful bomb shelter ever built. It is also about as useful as a Vatican in Afghanistan or an asshole on yer elbow. Sh'boy at work. I will continue to report my version/vision of the truth.


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