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Deftones Update From Chi!

May 30 2007 / Wednesday


Here’s the first “On-the-Road" update from Chi Cheng of Deftones! Chi is currently on the road for Deftones' massive US Tour. I would get tickets if you can.

The views and opinions of this large Asian bass player in no way reflect that of the Deftones, minorities or any other group of peoples:

Hello y'all,

I am currently in Cleveland listening to Debussy and pondering from the isolation tank of the Hyatt. Have a show at the House of Blues tonight. Cleveland should be in a good mood with the Cavs and Pistons all tied up. So go easy on us ol' boys, will ya?

I keep daily journals once or twice a week but this ain't that. I'm not sure what this is. I just figured it might be a nice medium fer you to look into if yer bored now that the third season of Lost is over. The weather is overcast and I hope it holds out. Puts me in a much better mood. What do I normally do on days, contrary to popular belief… I shower—hopefully after a workout. I am currently finishing the book Helter Skelter, which is a heavy read. Have already read the new Palahniuk book, Rant, and will read the new Murakami next. Not quite as exciting as the days of having coke blown up my ass by a trannie midget while getting off on interspecies porn, but we all gotta grow up a little if were gonna make it in this shitball o' dirt.

Please... try not to worry too much about Lindsay Lohan. We've got a Texas midget who makes up more words then Dr. Seuss and has the intellect of a Starbucks coffee cake to worry about. Though, the idea of going on a rehab tour with Lindsey, Britney, Whitney and any other of the junkies sounds appealing to my sick nature. Okay, just a small autopsy from the frontlines... have a nice day. Be your own Jesus and save yerself.

-Chinky Spice

21 Comments Deftones Update From Chi!

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