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Help Arto & His Mom!

Mar 8 2007 / Thursday

oconnorArto's friend Tim O'Connor enjoys the park!

Arto sent this note in today:

Before December 2003 there hadn’t been a single decent indoor skate park in Seinäjoki, but then we got it. In the beginning it was only 500 square meters and a miniramp. Now there’s 1000 square meters, an art gallery, a dark room, a room for spare-time activities etc.

Every year the skate park has been a home for different kinds of events with professional skateboarder guests as far away as The United States. The guests include such rarely seen stars as Arto Saari, Ali Boulala, Tim O’Connor, Ronnie Creager, Ryan Sheckler etc. A big help for all this to happen has been one of the world’s best skateboarders Arto Saari. But since day one, the true spirit, soul and the heart of the skate park has been Arto’s mum, Mervi Saari.

Mervi is an employee at the City of Seinäjoki. Now there’s a situation at hand, where Mervi is being excluded from her precious work at the skate park. Why? The reason is so simple and outrageous that the city claims that working for the skate park is not a part of Mervi’s job description.

If an employee works with more demanding things than ones job description says, shouldn’t he or she be transferred to a more demanding position at the work place? Why should a person who’s done everything such perfectly and is clearly the best for the job be replaced? Mervi is the best possible option for the work at the skate park. She supports skateboarding in her heart, knows what the world of skateboarding is all about and in a way is one of the skateboarders. Because of Mervi, Arto and a third party it would be possible to organize events where we could see the super stars of this “sport” in the future as well. If Mervi was transferred from her work with the skate park, the most important link would be gone and it would be impossible to organize these events ever again. The dream would be gone. Worst case scenario is that the skate park would be closed within few years and once again it would be cold and lonely winters in the snow for the skateboarders of Finland.

I’m sure that there’s many of you out there who have experienced what it’s like when there’s somebody running things who hasn’t got a clue what skateboarding is all about. That’s why the one who’s responsible of running things has to be some one who has a special connection for skateboarding.

This plea is for Mervi so that she could continue her precious work at the skatepark of Seinäjoki. The work she has excelled at all along.

More of this here and here.

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